7 Best AI SEO tools for teams and agencies [2023]

Your marketing agency or internal SEO team depends on getting things done quickly and accurately, especially when you have to meet numerous expectations. Am I right?

In this guide, I have reviewed the top AI SEO tools so that you can decide what’s best for your particular situation. The only key AI SEO features are the ones that are right for you.

AI SEO software can help you to scale and automate marketing campaigns. If you think about it, Google constantly uses machine learning to update algorithms and improve a user’s search experience. Making high-quality content is a top priority, but will anyone see yours?

The ability to understand how to use AI SEO software can make an enormous difference in the content creation process. Using an SEO strategy is essential for making sure Google indexes your site.

Now let’s dive into the top AI-powered SEO tools that can boost your search engine optimization efforts, propelling your business ahead instead of lagging behind the competition.

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What are the best SEO Tools To Use In 2023?

Here are my top picks for AI search engine optimization tools to handle most of the heavy lifting.

1. Surfer

Best for:

All business and agency sizes.

Surfer SEO is one of the best overall AI SEO software that helps you optimize content to “skyrocket your organic traffic” and get on the first page of Google.

Key Features:

  • Content Editor Write with guidelines and get content suggestions
  • Keyword Research Plan content and create content strategies based on search intent
  • Audit Optimize existing pages and dominate your niche with a full audit.
  • AI Outline Create unique, optimized paragraphs (FREE)
  • Keyword Surfer Extention is a keyword research tool for Google (FREE Chrome extension)

User Experience:


Surfer SEO offers 4 pricing plans:

$29 per month
– or –
($228 per year) save $120

$89 per month
– or –
($828 per year) save $240

$179 per month
– or –
($1,788 per year) save $360

$299 per month
– or –
($2,988 per year) save $600

My Research on Surfer SEO Reviews.

I’ve used the Essential plan to help write and optimize articles for this site, and it really does help you rank high if you write quality content too!

The Good:

  • Optimize content in any language.
  • Write straightforward, concise, and fully optimized content quicker than ever.
  • Weekly, data-driven insights for busy, fast-growing companies
  • Integrates with Jasper and SEMrush
  • Plugins for WordPress and Google Docs
  • Surfer Academy is a great resource for unlimited SEO tips, tricks, and training.

The Bad:

  • Not compatible with other content optimization tools like Ahrefs or UberSuggest yet

Start using Surfer SEO today.

2. Scalenut

Best for:

Small teams, agencies, mid-sized businesses, and enterprises

Scalenut is an organic marketing platform that powers an entire content lifecycle using AI.

Awarded #1 product of the day on ProductHunt.

Scalenut is trusted by Adobe, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Upgrad, Pharmeasy, RazorPay, SnapDeal, and more.

Key Features:

  • Cruise Mode AI generates research-backed SEO articles in just five minutes, streamlining content creation.
  • Content Optimizer optimization suggestions improve search engine rankings, helping drive more traffic to websites.
  • SEO Articles offer valuable insights, audience questions, NLP terms, and citations at the click of a button.
  • Entire SEO content lifecycle within a single app
  • AI reads the latest info
  • Industry based integrations
  • Advanced NLP models

User Experience:


Scalenut offers 3 pricing plans:

Essential: $39 per month ($468 per year)
Growth: $79 per month ($948 per year)
Pro: $149 per month ($1,788 per year)

All plans can be paid yearly for a discount.

My Research on Scalenut Reviews

The Good:

  • High-quality AI-written content
  • Tons of templates
  • Do research via SERP competitors right in the content editor

The Bad:

  • Advanced features may take more time to learn

Try Scalenut during a 7-day free trial.

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3. Outranking.io

Best for:

Content teams who desire predictable content success with AI assistance.

Outranking.io is also one of the best all-inclusive SEO tools that help content teams who want to achieve predictable content success with AI assistance. There’s no need for advanced technical SEO knowledge or keyword research skills. It can be a great alternative to Surfer.

Key Features:

  • AI writing is an AI tool to help you write quality, factual long-form SEO-optimized content for document types including SEO blogs, webinar pages, eCommerce, recipe posts, press releases, or SEO optimization for a document that’s already been written. It aims to prevent fluff content, poor content structure, inaccurate descriptions, and no unique value.
  • Content strategy focuses on topic clustering, keyword research, and a website’s content gaps
  • Content marketing assists you with automating SEO content briefs, writing better SEO outlines, and pre-made content templates to save time
  • Content optimization tackles things like on page SEO, featured snippets, and NLP topics

User Experience:


Outranking.io offers 3 pricing plans:

Starter: $7 the first month then $49 per month ($490 per year)
Solo: $79 per month ($790 per year)
Pro: $149 per month ($1,490 per year)
Company: $219 per month ($2,910 per year)

All plans are monthly.

My Research on Outranking.io Reviews

The Good:

  • Outranking.io pricing is similar to Surfer
  • “Outranks” Surfer, Frase, and MarketMuse for SEO and AI writing with a lot more features than these other top artificial intelligence SEO tools
  • A WordPress plugin is available to install
  • The main dashboard is very simplified (it feels like it’s missing features)
  • Compatible with Google Docs and Grammarly
  • Outranking’s interface is simplified

The Bad:

  • Doesn’t support integrations with Jasper, SEMrush like Surfer
  • There’s a slight learning curve due to a feature-packed software

Start using Outranking.io today for $7 for the first month on the solo plan.

4. Frase

Best for:

Freelancers, small SEO teams, and agencies. Typically SEOs, content strategists, editors, writers, and content managers are their most active users.

Frase is an AI SEO platform focused on supplying answers to questions since that’s what most people on Google are looking for on search engine result pages. Its SEO tools can scan all of the top listings for a specific keyword, and bring you all the answers you need to create content and simplify SEO processes.

Key Features:

  • Automated content briefs auto-generate detailed SEO content briefs that assist writers to create content that ranks
  • Share documents easily send editable links to writers, who can edit docs without requiring a subscription
  • Google Search Console integrated for site-wide content analytics data
  • Content scoring based on your target keywords
  • Project status settings writers can update assignment completion statuses
  • Custom templates for guidelines and AI writer customization
  • Content editor has the same features as top word processors
  • Team project folders organize documents for a team or agency clients
  • Outline builder creates original outline content

Pro Features:

  • Keyword search volume unlocks monthly search volume for keywords in the Outline Builder, as well as commercial and informational keyword modifiers
  • SERP data enrichment access domain authority and backlink data for top search results
  • Frase AI Writer unlimited access to an AI writer to generate content in one click

User Experience:


Frase offers 3 pricing plans:

Solo: $14.99 per month
Basic: $44.99 per month
Team: $114.99 per month

Save money by paying yearly.

Pro feature add-ons cost an extra $35 per month.

Currently, a 5-day trial for $1 is available. Cancel anytime.

My Research on Frase Reviews.

The Good:

  • AI and SEO tools for content creation that help search engine rankings
  • Supports entire content workflow
  • Research, briefing/outlining, writing, and SEO optimization tools available
  • Proprietary tech vs. tech borrowed from IBM and Google
  • Analyzes only the top 20 SERPs resulting in higher quality results and analysis
  • Pricing is very reasonable
  • A WordPress Plugin is available to install
  • Provides plenty of actionable SEO data on competitors websites

The Bad:

  • Not compatible with other related SEO software
  • No free version

Start your 5-day trial with Frase today.
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5. GetGenie

Best for:

Solopreneurs and small SEO teams

GetGenie is an all-around WordPress plugin or browser extension for users who want to do blog writing, copywriting, basic SEO, and content framework/modeling in one AI tool.

GetGenie has templates to write blog posts, social posts, emails, ads, and more.

Key Features:

  • Keyword research uses AI to identify, analyze, and filter keywords in depth using trend data, search volume, competition, CPC, and related words. Find trending and high search volume long tail SEO words.
  • Content analysis optimizes content with a predictive AI score that helps optimize on-page SEO and rank better on search engine (SERP) results.
  • Competitor analysis for blogs and other content makes unique, well-researched articles. SERP analysis data is readily available too.
  • On-page SEO scores help optimize content
  • Content generation is tuned for the best SEO results. Get unique SEO title suggestions and framework.
  • Idea generation for microblogs
  • Content research for quality content and copy creation [30+ templates]
  • Outlines created fast for blog posts and other content
  • Related questions sourced from Reddit and Quora

User Experience:


GetGenie offers 4 pricing plans on sale now:

Starter: $0 per month (no credit card required)
Writer: $19 per month (on sale for $15.20)
Pro: $49 per month (on sale for $39.20)
Agency: $99 per month (on sale for $69.30)

All plans can be paid yearly for an additional discount.

My Research on GetGenie Reviews.

The Good:

  • Complete AI writer, keyword, and competitor research tool
  • Many upcoming SEO and social media marketing features
  • Free limited version
  • The process of generating content is intuitive
  • Ideal for people new to writing blog posts and marketing copy
  • Organize your thoughts and improve your writing
  • Compatible with Elementor and WooCommerce
  • Work directly in WordPress with the plugin
  • Use GetGenie right in your browser without the need for WordPress
  • Use AI-generated copies and content anywhere you like, with just a few clicks

The Bad:

  • Recommended only for basic on-page SEO
  • Doesn’t display keyword counts necessary for search engine rankings (including what keywords top competitors are using in their articles)
  • Fetching data for “competitors” and “questions asked” is extremely slow
  • No counter for word credits left while creating content
  • Other AI writing tools offer a higher word count for free

Try GetGenie for free today.

6. Market Muse

Best for:

Large businesses and marketing agencies

MarketMuse offers AI SEO software that enables content teams to make informed decisions about what content to create, update, and how to make it happen.

MarketMuse claims content success is no longer solely dependent on links and keyword difficulty. Other SEO efforts should be focused on schema for content structure and advanced SERP features.

Key Features:

  • Competitive content analysis investigates what you can do to make higher quality content than your competitors
  • Content clusters make cluster creation fast with personalized insights on topics to pursue, their value, and how hard it is to rank on SERP
  • Content planning according to your overall digital marketing strategy
  • Keyword research plan based on keyword difficulty score
  • Content briefs
  • SEO optimization tools

User Experience:


MarketMuse offers 3 pricing plans:

Free: $0 per month (no credit card required)
Standard: $600 per month ($6,000 per year)
Premium: starts at $12,000 per year

My Research on MarketMuse Reviews

The Good:

  • Jumpstart your SEO content-driven strategy, even with a website refresh
  • Simple, straightforward user experience
  • The free version can give you an idea of whether it will work for you or not
  • The free version can be used for a few small SEO projects every month

The Bad:

  • It’s one of the most expensive AI SEO tools
  • The free plan has limited data available

Try MarketMuse for free today.

7. Alli AI

Best for:

Agencies with at least 10 clients, or mid to large-sized companies.

Alli AI helps SEO agencies and teams to scale and automate their campaigns while saving time and money. Alli Ai distinguishes itself by providing AI-powered tools that make technical SEO an easy task.

Key Features:

  • Live Editor Perform code and content optimizations instantly from your browser with a Chrome extension.
  • Automation Update and optimize websites automatically, ongoing without limit, using just one line of code.
  • White-Label Reports is a site audit feature that instantly generates keyword ranking and organic traffic reports, link-building reports, full technical details of any code, and content changes made with Alli AI. There’s also a “work done” report to show everything your team has done in the last 30 days.
  • Link Building 3 separate link-building tools that search the web for the most powerful and relevant sites to reach out to and step-by-step instructions on how to get those links

User Experience:


Alli Ai offers 3 pricing plans:

Consultant: $249 per month
Agency: $499 per month
Enterprise: $999 per month

My Research on Alli AI Reviews

The Good:

  • No more learning curve for your team with the new CMS
  • No more tickets or waiting for the developer
  • Automatically optimized and accessible website
  • Reports branded using your agency name
  • Link building is a breeze

The Bad:

  • The price point could be too high for some businesses and marketing agencies

Start a free trial with Alli AI today.

*Other AI SEO tools that aren’t included in this review are Neuron Writer, INK Suite, WriterZen, RankIQ, and Ahrefs. I’ll update this post with reviews on them in the near future.

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AI SEO Software Tool FAQs

What is an AI SEO tool?

AI SEO tools enhance your ability to analyze website content, site structure, and keywords in a fast, efficient manner.

How do AI search engine optimization programs work?

The AI SEO tool can help you with your SEO strategy. Each of these products offers its own specific features which will improve Google’s search results. AI SEO platforms are keyword driven. These tools are specialized for identifying specific keywords for your website that will bring the most search traffic.

How does Artificial Intelligence help Search Engine Optimization?

Search engines rely heavily upon AI to answer natural language queries every day. AI tools are used largely to regulate how and why people view your info. I am using “modifying the algorithms driving search” to mean that search engine AI is being improved. Humanity is playing games with rules based on computers and machines. We are looking at how search engines use signals. To get more organic traffic from the search engines we must also comply.

Why is user intent in SEO important?

User intent considers the reasons why someone is searching. Some reasons could be they are wanting to ask questions, learn, read reviews, and purchase something. Marketers call this top of funnel (TOFU), middle of funnel (MOFU), and bottom of funnel (BOFU). When someone is in TOFU they are in the discovery phase, MOFU is the comparison stage, and BOFU is the action takers stage such as making a purchase.

Deciding what type of content to write will depend on where people are in their purchasing journey. For example, informational posts are good for TOFU, comparison and review posts are good for MOFU, and testimonials and offers are effective for BOFU.

Being user-centered is usually overlooked by people who work in SEO and online marketing because they forget to not only appease the search engine gods but to write content in a way that we humans enjoy reading.

Can a Custom AI Development Company Help with SEO?

A custom AI can help improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). AI technologies have revolutionized various industries, marketing modules, and SEO is no exception.

By leveraging AI algorithms and techniques, a custom AI development company can provide valuable solutions to improve your website’s visibility and ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Should I start using AI SEO tools?

While AI SEO software isn’t perfect, it will certainly help give your company or your clients a competitive edge. You can be certain that as artificial intelligence gains more and more popularity, your competitors will catch on and start using it for their websites (assuming your competitors aren’t using AI right now).

If you have a dedicated SEO team or a marketing agency this can immensely improve your results, get stuff done faster, and gives you more time to serve more clients.

Final thoughts

Remember when evaluating AI SEO software tools, the best AI SEO software will meet your specific needs. Don’t pay attention to all the extra features if you’re not gonna use them, especially if you’re a beginner it will feel overwhelming.

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