Meet Your SaaS
growth Consultant Marc

As a marketing professional who has helped SaaS companies, I know the struggle of marketing and helping them grow.

I’ve strategically led lead generation and other marketing efforts for more than 5 years with excellent ROI.

For example, with ClinicTracker EHR, a B2B Healthcare SaaS company, I’ve orchestrated an 8-12x return on their marketing and ad spend for five years in a row.

Marc helped scale our company by using digital marketing strategies. He created a lead generation engine that provided qualified leads to the sales team every month through a variety of channels.

He was also in charge of making decisions regarding how to manage the marketing budget. Marc was a key part of many other processes and projects over a nearly six-year career with ClinicTracker, including branding, website content updates, and supporting other employees
.” – Joshua Gordon, CEO