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6 Best AI Mastering Software That Makes Audio Feel Alive

Do you want professional-sounding audio without paying professional mastering prices?

AI mastering software can enhance audio quality without breaking the bank.

Unless you like paying $30 to $150 to master one audio track! šŸ™„

Whether you’re a podcaster, YouTuber, producer, DJ, or music artist, you can easily liven up your audio so that people come back for more of your audio-licious content.

I’m not hatin’ on sound engineers, either.

They can use AI to speed up the time it takes to master tracks for those who can afford the human touch.

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What is the best Audio Mastering Software?

Audio is more important than video for creating a powerful audience experience.

When you watch something, your ears hear the sound before you’ve thought about what you’ve seen.

So listen up.

It’s time to get your audio game right by choosing an AI technology for mastering that’s right for you.

Here are my top picks for the best Audio Mastering Software 2023.

1. Bouncecast

Best for:

Podcasters, Vloggers, and YouTubers

Bouncecast empowers you to record, enhance, and master podcasts, video audio, and vlogs automatically on desktop and mobile.

Bouncecast optimizes sound quality for streaming platforms and other situations.

Key Features:

āœ… Audio recording and trimming [free plan]
āœ… Automatic leveling [free plan] – prevents fluctuations in loudness
āœ… Import pre-recorded audio [free plan]
āœ… Audio restoration – removes background noises, hums, clicks, pops, etc.
āœ… Intelligent soundcheck
āœ… Interactive Guidance
āœ… Control unwanted frequencies
āœ… Export to WAV, MP3, AIFF, FLAC, and Ogg Vorbis – free plan
āœ… Subtractive equalization, transparent compression, peak limiting, and level normalization
āœ… Batch processing
āœ… Record audio on the spot within the app, and then it will automatically master it for you in a few clicks.
āœ… On-the-go recordings for conferences, press rooms, interviews, and other situations

User Experience:


Bouncecast has two plan options:

$10.99 per month or $109.90 per year (save 20%).

*Sold out on AppSumo!

Free basic Recorder app

My Research on Cloudbounce Reviews

The Good:

  • “Import your audio, turn on Smart enhancement, and then save. The rest is done for you.”
  • I no longer have to worry about my audio because my listeners will have a great listening experience.
  • It’s a recording and an automated mastering app (not an audio trimming tool).
  • “I’ve started recently recording a course and had a bad noise in the background using a White Yeti mic and Camtasia setup. Then decided to try Bouncecast, and it provided great enhancements + noise cancellation. Super happy with my purchase now!”
  • The sound filters are useful and simple to use.
  • “It made a big difference in the quality of the recordings done so far and without any technical knowledge. Just click on the filter box.”
  • The BounceCast app will automatically guide the user to calibrate the recording setup by presenting warning messages to help correct mic positioning, adjust the input level, and offer easy-to-understand recording metering.
  • Resonance and Equalizer control are automatically applied based on data-driven analysis of your audio file to improve the overall clarity to meet professional standards.

The Bad:

  • You can only trim at the beginning and end of the track.
  • Depending on your preferences, the audio might require additional level balancing, noise gating, and overall volume boosting.

Start using Bouncecast now.


Best for:
Emerging Artists and Music Industry Powerhouses

LANDR is where you can create, collaborate, master, distribute, and promote your music all from one platform.

LANDR is trusted by Def Jam Recordings, Warner Records, Disney Music Group, Atlantic, Interscope Records, and Quincy Jones Productions.

Some grammy award-winning studio engineers use it to master tracks for Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Snoop Dogg, Seal, Post Malone, etc.

Key Features:

āœ… Unlimited MP3, WAV, and HD WAV masters
āœ… Upload and master your track by choosing the best mastering style from a few preset options.
āœ… Lots of options to edit and tweak your master
āœ… An unlimited distribution plan lets you keep all of your front-end royalties.

User Experience:


Landr offers 3 pricing plans for mastering, but you can also buy the complete Landr Studio or individual parts such as distribution, samples, plugins, and sessions.

You can cancel at any time and try AI before you buy.

The best value is to get the entire LANDR studio.

$39.99 per month [or]
$15.99 per month ($192.92 per year, billed upfront)

Landr Studio
$19.99 per month [or]
$11.99 per month ($192.92 per year, billed upfront)

Single Master
$9.99 each master (billed upfront)

My Research on LANDR Reviews

The Good:

  • “LANDR masters is the best instant mastering in the business!”
  • “I wish I had found LANDR sooner.”
  • “My tracks are sounding way better after mastering them with LANDR.”
  • Nice option if you don’t know how to master yourself
  • “I wasn’t expecting much from an AI mastering software, but LANDR far exceeded my expectations.”
  • “Great mastering alogrithm that gives excellent results.”
  • “I’ve had better results with LANDR than simply sending tracks off to be mastered.”
  • “I sampled several AI mastering programs and settled on LANDR.

The Bad:

  • Some people are having trouble with the music distribution part of their service.

Sign up with LANDR for free online today.

3. Maastr

Best for:

Perfect for Musicians and Sound Engineers

Maastr is for producers, mixers, and artists who want “professional quality mastering in minutes.”

Maastr has changed the creative and sound mastering process forever with its intelligent mastering engine created by Jason Maas and a team of other talented audio engineers.

Jason Maas is a popular audio engineer, producer, and mixer who’s worked with music talents like Propaghandi, Title Fight, Polar Bear Club, and State Champs.

Key Features:

For Sound Engineers:
āœ… Streamline your processes
āœ… Improve communication with musicians
āœ… Refine mixes instantly with cutting-edge mastering and mixing tools
āœ… View feedback and iterate all in one place
āœ… Upload your song, mastering using AI, and exporting

For Musicians:
āœ… Upload your track
āœ… Let the expert-trained AI analyze audio and do the mastering for you.
āœ… Playback to hear new revision
āœ… Edit and refine music
āœ… Store all versions of your online music to compare later
āœ… Save time and money by not using a mastering engineer

User Experience:


Maastr has 3 pricing plans.

Home Studio Wiz
$10 per month ($90 per year)

Studio Expert
$20 per month ($180 per year)

Industry Pro
$50 per month ($450 per year)

My Research on Maastr reviews

The Good:

  • Premium mastering quality audio at the click of a button
  • Compare the original track with the mastered version with playback.
  • Simple downloading options
  • Timestamped comments
  • No need to go to a mastering studio

The Bad:

  • No complaints were found so far online.

Try Maastr for free today.

4. eMastered

Best for:

Independent artists, Musicians, and Podcasters

Emastered is an AI-powered online mastering solution that instantly transforms your music or audio within minutes without the need for a professional mastering service.

Key Features:

  • Tweak your mastered track by adjusting the strength, EQ, stereo width, and volumes.
  • The advanced engine learns from reference songs you enjoy to make yours better.
  • Quick access to all of your songs in a private library (acts as a backup of files too).
  • Create a custom fan page for people to listen, like, and comment on your songs.
  • It filters out all the rough edges and balances the vocals and background music.
  • Get Unlimited masters and downloads

User Experience:


Emastered offers two pricing plans:

Yearly (billed monthly)
$19 per month

$13 per month ($156 per year)

Monthly (Billed Monthly)
$39 per month

My Research on Emastered Reviews

The Good:

  • “The overall experience is quite good, and I’m happy with the master for the most part.”
  • “I’ve been using this for around two years now, and it’s amazing.”
  • “Be sure to upload a great mix and remove plugins from the master channel before bouncing and uploading, and it will sound great.”
  • “Open 24/7 with all the do-overs you need at no additional cost.”
  • “Easy to navigate with plenty of pro options.”
  • Use reference tracks to get a similar sound.
  • “A must if you record yourself doing karaoke.”
  • “This AI master is so fire. I use it for all my songs and for my concert sets.”
  • “Mix and master your song as many times as you like and find the vibe you seek.”
  • “Feed it a good mix. It will spit out a great result!”

The Bad:

  • No button that levels the source track and the master to make it easier to compare after.
  • The master is louder than the original, so making decisions about highs and lows is pretty hard.
  • “Got tricked into paying for a year’s membership, used it a few times, it works fine, but wasn’t blown away.”
  • “Turned my vocals down too much and offset the entire track.”
  • It’s primarily adjusting loudness and some EQ

Start using Emastered today.

5. BandLab

Best for:

Music artists just getting started with their careers.

BrandLab Mastering lets music artists instantly master tracks with an online audio mastering service created by world-class artists and engineers.

Key Features:

  • Universal free mastering features.
  • Single sign-on account includes other music tools such as:
    BandLab Sounds, BandLab Studio, and Bandlab Albums.
  • Artist-driven Mastering tool.
  • Built by artists for artists
  • Choose between mastering settings: Universal, Fire, Clarity, or Tape
  • Unlimited demos, collaborators, and gets releases ready for distribution
  • Master as many tracks as you want without paywalls
  • 10x faster mastering process
  • Unlimited space to store your music
  • Combines social networking, cloud storage, and recording tools into one package

User Experience:


BandLab Mastering and the rest of the software bundle are completely free.

My Research on Bandlab Mastering Reviews

The Good:

  • AI algorithm isn’t allowed to decide what the final track sound like.
  • It’s possible to enhance parts of the audio tracks manually.
  • “My favorite part of BandLab is the mastering.”
  • “Love this app! Great recording sound. I can add layers of rhythm, bass and lead all by myself & no need for jamming partners.”
  • “I was not expecting the four preset mastering options to all be so well-rounded and effective.”
  • “It’s stupidly simple to use.”

The Bad:

  • It might be better to record using dedicated software and then import the finished mix into Bandlab.
  • Before doing collaborations, read the terms of service because there are many copyright issues before sharing your audio tracks.

Try BandLab Mastering for free today.

6. Cloudbounce

Best for:

Music freelancers and casual music artists

Cloudbounce is available 24/7 for online audio and music mastering immediately during and after your creative process.

Abbey Road Red alumni company.

Partnered with CDbaby, Focusrite, ROLI, Abbey Road Studios, and Trackd.

Arkatech Beats, known for producing famous rappers (Nas, Big Pun, Jadakiss, The Game), use it.

Cloudbounce has a sister company that is called Bouncecast which allows you to record, enhance, and master podcasts, video audio, and vlogs automatically on desktop and mobile.

You can do the following:
āœ… Audio recording and trimming [free plan]
āœ… Automatic leveling [free plan]
āœ… Import pre-recorded audio [free plan]
āœ… Audio restoration
āœ… Intelligent soundcheck
āœ… Interactive Guidance
āœ… Control unwanted frequencies
āœ… Export to .WAV, .MP3, .AIFF, .FLAC, and Ogg Vorbis – free plan

Just $10.99 per month or $109.90 per year (save 20%).

Key Features:

The mastering engine analyzes your audio file and applies just the right amount of audio processing to make it sound powerful and crystal clear.

It’s all done with machine listening, classification, and different audio processing tools such as a compressor, EQ, limiter, and stereo imaging.

Master your audio tracks using their new and improved desktop app (as of July 2023).

  • Plenty of room for adjustments to audio tracks based on genre, style, and tastes.
  • WAV and MP3 files are supported
  • Access tracks from anywhere, on any device
  • 15+ genre-specific mastering styles
  • 10+ audio post production mastering options
  • Sharable player page
  • Cloud backup (lifetime with monthly and annual plans)
  • Track statistics
  • Unlimited CD quality WAV (16 bit), Hi res WAV (24 bit), or MP3 (320 kbps)

User Experience:


Cloudbounce has three pricing plans:

Pay as you go
$10.90 per track

INFINITY (monthly)
$21.90 per month ($262.80 for 12 months)

INFINITY (yearly)
$219.99 per year (save $42.81 with annual subscription)

* An annual subscription with unlimited masters costs less than a suite of high-quality plug-ins or an actual mastering session. [M. Smith, Resident Advisor]

My Research on Cloudbounce Reviews

The Good:

  • Save a ton of money on mastering.
  • “Its like having a personal mastering engineer always readily available for you. It makes the process totally convenient, and the turnaround time is unbelievably fast.”
  • “Highly recommended for record labels, artists, and music producers who want to enhance their recordings to professional standards for a fraction of the cost.ā€
  • Create a good mix, and you’ll get a great master.
  • “I mostly use it for mastering beats to sell online.”
  • “I use the desktop app. I highly recommend it. TOP TOP!”
  • Professional people use Cloudbounce for film dialogue, sound mixing, and music production.
  • I’m very satisfied with the value vs. cost.

The Bad:

  • The newest merge in July 2023 caused a lot of access problems for existing customers.
  • Some reviews in 2021 and 2022 don’t shine a positive light on the company’s support and billing practices
  • App only supports 16-bit WAV output, which most record companies won’t accept.
  • Not meant to be used by music professionals

Start using Cloudbounce now.

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AI Mastering Software FAQs

What is Audio mastering?

Audio mastering is the process of making a song or other types of recordings sound its best.

Settings like volume, equalization, and compression are adjusted to make sure that every part of the recording sounds clear and balanced.

It’s the last step before your audio is ready for streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes, or Google Podcasts.

Why should creators Master their audio content?

It’s super important to master any audio content to make it sound crisp and professional

That’s because it will help you attract and keep listeners.

Plus, mastering can optimize your audio for different devices and environments, so people can clearly hear your message no matter where it’s played. 

What are the top three AI Mastering Tools?

Here’s a recap of my top three online audio mastering picks.

Final thoughts

Audio mastering is essential for content creators or music professionals looking to create high-quality recordings.

With the help of AI-powered mastering software, it’s easy for anyone to impress their audience on the cheap.

Try one of the best online mastering services like Cloudbounce, LANDR, Maastr, Emastered, and BandLab.

Each tool offers unique features and benefits, making them an excellent choice for making audio sound like a masterpiece.

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