5 Best AI Meeting Assistants That Make Your Day Easier

Looking to improve productivity during and after meetings?

AI Meeting Assistants automate meeting notes, translations, and collaborations in real-time.

Say hello to more efficient and organized meetings that supply insights to improve sales and customer service outcomes.

So, get ready to discover which AI meeting assistant is right for you!

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What Are the Best aI Meeting Assistants?

Check out my favorite AI meeting assistants that can make your day easier and more productive.

Save time not having to research 10 best AI meeting software or more and…

without becoming more confused in the end.

Here are my top picks for the best AI Meeting Assistants in 2023.

1. Fireflies AI

Best for:

Solopreneurs and Entrepreneurs on a Budget to Large Corporations

Sales, Engineering, Recruiting, Marketing, Education, Media, and Podcasting professionals can benefit the most from Fireflies AI tool.

Fireflies AI is an AI-powered meeting assistant that helps you and your team to automate your meeting notes.

More than 100K organizations, including massive corporate companies like Nike, Delta, Uber, and Expedia.

Key Fireflies AI Features:

  • Summarize, search, and analyze voice conversations.
  • AskFred anything about your meetings
  • Auto join or invite Fireflies to the meetings that you’re scheduling.
  • Transcribe any meetings from audio files, dialers, and video conferencing apps.
  • Integrates with Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Aircall, RingCentral, and Webex
  • Communicate and collaborate with your team members in the meeting notes by adding comments, pins, and reactions, and share soundbites from meeting highlights.
  • Meeting notes can be synced with Slack, Asana, Notion, etc.
  • Understand speaker sentiment, monologues, objections, and competitor mentions
  • Improve sales, recruiting, and internal processes with conversation intelligence data.
  • Fireflies AI can add notes to your CRM and
  • Use voice commands to create tasks in Asana, Monday.com, and Trello.
  • All voice conversations are kept in one knowledge base from all team members.
  • Set the privacy and access controls so only the appropriate people on your team see confidential messages.
  • Organize meeting recaps by team channels like HR, marketing, finance, etc.
  • AI-powered search organizes action items, tasks, questions, and other key metrics so that you can review a 1-hour meeting in 5 minutes!
  • Supports 69+ Foreign Languages accurately
  • Dialers, API, file uploads, and Chrome extensions are available.
  • Slack integration

Fireflies AI User Experience:

If you have lots of time to kill, watch or skim through the Fireflies 2023 product webinar below.

Fireflies AI Pricing:

Fireflies AI has four plan options:

Free Plan
$0 forever
Good for 1 person with casual use

$18 per seat/month – or – $120 per year (save $96)
Good for solopreneurs, freelancers, and small teams and agencies

$29 per seat/month – or – $228 per year (save $120)
Good for mid to large-sized businesses

Custom annual pricing only.
Good for corporations

My Research on Fireflies AI Reviews

The Good:

  • Helped transform our sales and brand management at my agency
  • It’s truly amazing to have the transcript, summary, notes, action items, and stats like % of talk time and words per minute of each participant all automated with Fireflies.
  • “All my clients are on Fireflies, so the time I spend doing sales support per client per week dropped from 5 hours to 1 hour. That’s around 15 hours per month PER CLIENT.”
  • “Details of text in the chats or presentation slides that have valuable information are missed while we are attending any meeting, and we can fall back on Fireflies to find them.”
  • “It helps us to go over important meetings and analyze the content post-meeting.”
  • “I am able to monitor my team’s meetings even when I am not a part of it. It even helps me look back and summarize the discussions.”
  • Indispensable for sales calls

The Bad:

  • Can’t log in with a single admin account — must be tied to a specific user.
  • Language detection might be based on the initial conversation in the meeting, so you’ll have to adjust language settings before the meeting.
  • “Can’t record and transcribe meetings outside my organization.”
  • Fireflies show up to the meeting most of the time, but you might need to invite it again.
  • Has a hard time with some accents, like the Indian accent.

Start using Fireflies AI now.

2. sembly AI

Best for:
Anyone who wants to make their meetings productive.

Sembly AI is a way to keep your meetings professional and distraction-free so that you don’t have to transcribe, take meeting notes, and gather insights using an AI assistant.

Sembly is partnered for promotions with Phillips SmartMeeting.

Key Sembly AI Features:

  • Takes online meeting notes for you using Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams
  • Search for any details in the meeting minutes by keyword, key item, or attendee.
  • Read meeting summaries translated quickly into any language.
  • Edit and share meeting minutes with the right people.
  • High-accuracy transcription, speaker ID, filter words
  • Generates meeting notes live or from uploaded media.
  • Use bookmarks to find previous meetings fast.
  • Send Sembly to the meeting without you, then review the notes from the call in your free time.
  • Creates to-do lists based on meeting conversations and can send to task management tools.
  • Integrates with platforms like Slack
  • Supports 35+ languages
  • Customize your meeting notes the way you want to review them.
  • Export transcripts and notes to PDFs
  • Ask Semblian questions
  • Tell Semblian to generate emails and personalized messages based on meeting notes
  • Suggests prompts for getting valuable insights
  • Your data is safe with enterprise-grade security, compliance, and privacy.

Sembly AI User Experience:

Sembly AI Pricing:

Sembly AI offers 4 pricing plans

Free Plan
$0 forever
*4-hour monthly record limits

Professional (Get a 7day free trial)
$10 per month – or – $120 per year
Unlimited meeting recording and history limits

Business (Get a 7day free trial)
$20 per seat/month – or – $228 per year (save $120)
Unlimited meeting recording and history limits

Custom pricing – talk with sales.
Good for corporations with 40+ users and need added security and power.

My Research on Sembly AI Reviews

The Good:

  • Better than Fireflies at interpreting meeting notes into languages other than English
  • “Accurate speech-to-text conversion. Most impressive with multi-speaker translations.”
  • “It’s very easy to use and I highly recommend using it for your meetings.”
  • “I was impressed by how smart Sembly is. It can understand what we were talking about and create a meaningful meeting summary after.”
  • “I like the clear benefits for my meetings – at the same time I see how the solution is improving daily. Great job! Congratulations to the whole Sembly AI Team!”
  • “I’m a paid user. Great price point! Solid Summaries and love the Slack integration.”

The Bad:

  • Sometimes the insights provided by AI aren’t actionable.

Sign up with Sembly AI for free online today.

3. MeetGeek

Best for:

Service businesses (consulting agencies), sales, management, recruiting, marketing, customer success, and training/onboarding teams.

MeetGeek is an automated meeting platform that enables you to video record, transcribe, summarize, and share relevant conversations using AI technology.

Key MeetGeek Features:

  • Provides the most accurate meeting minutes available on the market.
  • Use it to attend webinars, not just company meetings, to take notes while doing something else.
  • Soon after the call, participants will get receive AI meeting minutes with key topics discussed and action items for each topic.
  • Skip meetings and catch up with a 5-minute summary later, sent straight to your email account.
  • Teams can share meeting content with other people.
  • Sync meeting notes with your favorite tools
  • Set up a list of important terms (you can input your industry terms) to improve summary accuracy.
  • Searchable past internal and client meetings that help you clarify context, settle disputes, remember tasks, create training videos, and more.
  • Analyzes all meetings: sentiment, participant involvement, talk rate, punctuality, and more.
  • Maximize productivity with integrations from your favorite tools like Notion, Slack, Zapier, and Hubspot to auto-share meeting highlights with anyone.
  • Integrates with tools for ATS, project management, cloud storage, dialers, collaboration, calendars, video conferencing, and CRM.
  • Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet transcriptions available.

MeetGeek User Experience:

MeetGeek Pricing:

MeetGeek presents 4 pricing plans to choose from.

Free Plan
$0 forever
*Try out the basic AI features and then upgrade when you’re ready.

$19 per user/month – or – $180 per year (save $48)
Individuals, small agencies, and teams can benefit from this plan.

Business (Get a 14day free trial) — Most Popular —
$39 per user/month – or – $348 per year (save $120)
Large teams and Businesses can benefit from collaboration, deeper insights, and customizations.

Starting at $59 per user/month
Important if you want a tailored experience, branded emails, and a tiered discount.

You can save up to 28% on yearly plans.

My Research on MeetGeek reviews

The Good:

  • “Since I started using MeetGeek 5-6 months ago, I have saved countless hours, really days.”
  • “I can do a quick text search of a topic from my meetings and find the exact meeting where we discussed it! It will jump right to that point in the video, and I can listen to every word my client says. So helpful when you realize you missed something in your notes.”
  • “MeetGeek auto-joined and watched a presentation I couldn’t attend and then got a summary while eating. It was seamless and awesome.”
  • “I am giving online classes via Zoom, and MeetGeek is pretty amazing for transcribing the meetings and displaying KPI data!”
  • “I can’t begin to tell you how much of a game-changer the AI-Generated summaries are!”
  • “Sweet Zapier and Pipedrive integration.”

The Bad:

  • “I can’t just start a new meeting and have meetgeek.ai join straight away. I have to add a meeting to my calendar for at least 5 mins the in the future.”
  • No 99% uptime guarantee for MeetGeek showing up to record meetings.
  • Sometimes the AI-generated summaries don’t make sense.
  • The font on the website could be better.
  • Meetgeek only supports note-taking ability when the conversation happens in English right now.
  • It can be surprising when the tool records the conversation and sends the minutes to all participants the first time you use it without changing the default settings.
  • “I wasn’t able to amend the meeting summary manually.”
  • “As an international remote-first company, it struggled to accurately transcribe many of our team’s discussions. Especially those with a strong accent.”

Try MeetGeek business plan free for 14-days.

4. Airgram

Best for:

Consultants, Agencies, and Businessess of all sizes.

Airgram is an AI-powered meeting assistant tool with collaboration and workflow abilities that enhance the meeting experience.

Airgram is trusted by more than 2,000 companies, such as Grammarly, Grab, Survicate, Chicago Public Schools, ClickGUARD, Velvet, and so on, that are using their AI tools for meeting notes.

Key Airgram Features:

  • Advanced AI automatically turns speech into searchable, editable, and exportable text.
  • Create a video snippet to share only the most important part of the meeting in one click! (unique feature)
  • Live transcripts during a Teams, Google, or Zoom meeting.
  • Transcribes and translates meeting discussions into everyone’s preferred languages during the live meeting.
  • A good amount of editing options to ensure the transcript is accurate.
  • Record a conversation using another app and upload the audio to Airgram.
  • Stop struggling with taking meeting notes and take them in real-time as a team.
  • Avoid missing, scattered, and unorganized information.
  • Save time following up after a meeting.
  • Share meeting details and transcripts with other work apps.
  • No more losing track of meeting decisions
  • English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese are all supported languages.
  • Transcribe uploaded audio and video meeting files to text — then edit, save, and share the transcript later.
  • All meeting attendees can take notes, share comments, and set to-do’s at the same time, anytime.

Airgram User Experience:

Airgram Pricing:

Airgram offers two pricing plans:

Free Plan
No credit card required.
5 recordings per month @ 30 minutes per meeting.

$18 per month ($216 per year)
Best for frequent meetings and collaborating with teams.
Unlimited recordings per month @ 5 hours per meeting.

My Research on Airgram Reviews

The Good:

  • “The notes section during a live meeting, with action items and timestamps, is very critical!”
  • The live transcript sets it apart from other AI meeting tools.
  • “Airgram is a lifesaver! I record many audio notes and just upload the audio recording from my phone to Airgram, and within minutes it is transcribed.”
  • “The accuracy of the text to speech is probably the best out of all the tools we evaluated.”
  • “Great as a training tool and to catch up on meetings without a need for a recap or scribe.”

The Bad:

  • “There needs to be a feature for attendance, how long each member was in the meeting.”
  • Sometimes parts of the video aren’t recorded during every meeting.
  • A slight problem with seamlessly connecting to a hosted exchange server calendar.
  • Sometimes in large groups, it doesn’t recognize voices.
  • The video recording is only downloadable to view for people who weren’t in the meeting.
  • No app yet
  • “5 free recordings a month is very little, but I understand you guys need to make money.”

Start using Airgram today.

5. Avoma

Best for:

Customer service, Sales and Marketing Teams, and Leadership

Avoma is one of the best AI tools for actionable meetings, team coaching, and revenue insights that shorten the sales cycle and improve customer experiences.

It’s one tool for before, during, and after a meeting.

700 high-growth organizations rely on Avoma, like Buildzoom, Mailshake Moxe, Boomcloud, Onfleet, MoEngage, rho, LeanData, esper, Atheleas, and Service Express

Key Avoma Features:

  • Automatically record meetings
  • Full transcripts and summarized notes.
  • Quickly review meetings using transcript search to find the exact topics you want.
  • Share video snippets of important moments of the meeting with teammates and customers.
  • Playlists let you coach and onboard new people faster!
  • Coach team members using scorecards to give objective feedback and measure progress.
  • Learn which topics you need to spend time on, your talk/listen ratio, and more so that you can increase your chances of meeting success.
  • Win more deals faster with revenue intelligence that assists in managing your sales pipeline and potential deal risks.
  • Powerful AI transcribes your meeting to sound like a human wrote it.
  • Live Bookmarks summarizes and categorizes key moments in conversations in a dynamic way.

Avoma User Experience:

Avoma Pricing:

Avoma has 5 pricing options.

Free Plan
$0 forever
*Try out the free meeting assistant with limited capabilities.

$24 per user/month – or – $228 per year (save $60)
billed monthly or annually
Basic AI meeting assistant + advanced scheduler for teams

$59 per user/month – or – $588 per year (save $120)
Billed monthly or annually
Advanced AI meeting assistant + basic conversation intelligence.

$79 per user/month
Only billed annually [$948 per year]
For teams that require advanced conversation + revenue intelligence.

$149 per user/month
Only billed annually [$1,788 per year]
Important if you need premium support + partnership capabilities.

My Research on Avoma Reviews

The Good:

  • “So to be able to go in and dave the time and have the account managers specifically go in and pull out info that’s important to the rest of the team for them to be able to do their jobs, that’s huge for us.”
  • “A tool like this allows our sales team to study what’s working. Now someone that’s not performing is learning from better-performing sales conversations and seeing improved results.”
  • “It’s one thing to hear from a sales rep that a customer suggested a feature. It’s another thing to get a 90-second clip on why we’re losing to a competitor because a feature doesn’t exist from a customer’s mouth.”
  • “I love the ability to be able to reference parts of a meeting that I may have missed by going back.”
  • “My favorite part is having the dialogue next to the real-life time stamp. It makes taking notes and identifying action items that much easier.”

The Bad:

  • The AI-generated notes tend to include a lot of “small talk” at the beginning of calls and when summarizing the calls.
  • Translation and highlights are “spotty.”
  • Sometimes Avooma leaves a meeting while it’s still happening.
  • Hard to find the calls in the search feature.
  • “I wish I could have Avoma leave the call from Zoom so I don’t have to log in to remove the recorder.”
  • “Dashboard isn’t fun to navigate and honestly feels a bit messy.”
  • “It often syncs to the incorrect deal in Pipedrive – I have normed on editing this each week on Monday before calls.”

Try Avoma for free today.

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How I Booked 150+ Meetings In Just 6 Months

Wrap up

Meeting assistants are becoming increasingly popular since their big reveal in 2022.

Artificial Intelligence meeting software is not perfect by far.

Some of the common complaints across all software is that it leaves during the middle of a meeting, or doesn’t show up at all unless it’s re-invited.

Others complain that the transcribing isn’t always accurate especially with languages other than English, or with people who have strong accents.

Despite the occasional setbacks, these tools will clearly save you hours or even days so that you can work on things like customer acquistiion and customer care activities.

So what are you waiting for?

You can find the best AI meeting software right now to make your work-life much less stressful.

AI Meeting Assistant FAQs

What is the significance of AI Meeting Assistants in 2023?

AI Meeting Assistants are considered one of the top AI tools for meetings in 2023 because they improve meeting productivity and generate accurate meeting transcripts and summaries.

Are there any free AI Meeting Assistant tools available?

Yes, free AI Meeting Assistant software is available, but you’ll have limited capabilities and features until you become a paying customer.

How can an AI Meeting Assistant help in transcribing a meeting?

An AI Meeting Assistant can transcribe a meeting using AI capabilities to convert spoken words into written text in real-time, which saves time and effort by not manually transcribing the meeting.

What are the benefits of using an AI Meeting Assistant for online meetings?

Using an AI Meeting Assistant for online meetings can help automatically transcribe the entire meeting, and provide an insightful, well-organized meeting experience.

How can an AI Meeting Assistant help in creating meeting agendas?

An AI Meeting Assistant can help create meeting agendas by analyzing previous meeting comments, understanding the context, and suggesting relevant agenda items based on the topics discussed in previous meetings.

Can a Meeting Assistant Create aI meeting notes and summaries in real-time?

Yes, an AI Meeting Assistant can generate notes and summaries in real-time by transcribing the meeting and summarizing the important points discussed for quick reference during and after the meeting.

Are there any AI Meeting Assistants that can be personalized for individual users?

AI Meeting Assistants are available that can be personalized to individual preferences and needs. These personal AI Meeting Assistants can adapt to user requirements and provide a more customized meeting experience.

How can AI Meeting Assistants improve meeting productivity?

AI Meeting Assistants can improve meeting productivity by automating tasks such as note-taking, agenda creation, and meeting summarization so that participants can focus on the meeting the presenation and actively listening to the conversations.

Can AI Meeting Assistants help in managing calls and meetings?

Yes, AI Meeting Assistants can help manage calls and meetings by providing features such as automatic meeting scheduling, call reminders, and integration with calendars.

They can streamline the entire meeting process and ensure a smooth experience for participants.

What are the best AI Meeting Assistants available?

The best AI tools for meetings available include features such as real-time transcription, intelligent meeting note generation, and integration with other productivity tools.

My top picks for the best AI note taker are:

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