5 Best AI Presentation Software [2023]

Have you heard about AI-powered presentation software? It’s changing the game of presentations!

With AI, you can create professional-looking presentations so much easier now. You don’t have to spend hours doing repetitive tasks anymore.

AI-powered presentation software does most of the job for you, leaving you with more time to focus on content, unlike traditional presentation software.

In this article, I’m gonna show you some of the best AI presentation software out there and how they can help you create presentations that will blow everyone’s minds.

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What is the best AI Presentation software?

Use one of these top AI presentation tools to “show em’ what you got” with style.

Here are my top picks for the best AI presentation software:

1. Decktopus

Decktopus is an AI-powered tool that allows you to quickly and easily create professional presentations for business and educational purposes. It’s ideal for both experienced and inexperienced presenters who want to deliver a powerful message. It’s the best solution for quick presentation design.

Key Features:

  • Tell your story in a captivating way with its user-friendly interface and a wide selection of templates
  • Suggests design elements and content to make your presentations stand out
  • Magic buttons everywhere for suggested images and icons
  • Ready to use slide content
  • Fully crafted slide notes and presenter scripts
  • Deck creation features:
    – Unlimited presentations
    – Rehearsal screen share
    – Presentation tip videos
    – Unlimited storage
    – Private Folders
    – History Versioning
  • AI Creation
    – AI Credits (300 / 750 / 1000 per month)
    – AI Deck Generation
    – AI Magic Image
    – AI Magic Icon
    – AI Magic List Item Generator
    – AI Presenter Note Generator
  • Branding and Design with presentation templates, custom font upload, custom colors, footer notes and logos, high-quality charts, image uploads
  • Media and Integrations including Webhook, Pexels, Unsplash, Giphy, YouTube, Vimeo, Loom, Icons8, Google Sheet, and Embed Website in a Slide
  • Forms and analytics including presentation analytics, adding forms, form response email notifications, form response dashboard, action slides, export form response in CSV
  • Sharing and export options include sharing links, custom domain connection (CNAME), PDF export, PPT Export (non-editable), and presentation embed
  • Priority Support for all users via help articles, live support, and email support

User Experience:


Decktopus offers 3 pricing plans:

Free: Free Forever
Pro AI: $10 per month ($96 per year)
Business AI: $30 per month ($360 per year, per user)

Save 10% with the yearly plan.

With the “LAUNCH2023” discount applied you can get Pro AI for just $60 per year.
50% discount code on all plans for students: SUPPORTEDUCATION

My Research on Decktopus Reviews

The Good:

  • There’s a template for everything such as webinars, YouTube videos, appointment scheduling, resumes, presentations, proposals, requestion promotions, demos, in-company meetings, and more
  • Makes you look professional and proficient – best foot forward
  • The user experience and interface are awesome
  • Get a presentation done in less than 30 minutes, while having fun doing it
  • Decktopus is constantly improving their presentation maker
  • Saves a ton of time
  • Use CNAME to build online credibility for your brand
  • Eliminates the need to design and organize slides

The Bad:

  • Could use some more design customization
  • No brand kits for custom colors, logos, and images that can be reused for each presentation yet
  • Folders and Webhooks are sold as separate add ons
  • Editing could be even quicker if you could edit directly on the template, not the side panel
  • Can’t import/export with HTML
  • Collaborations and workgroups could use some improvements

Start a free trial with Decktopus today.

2. Simplified

Best for:


Simplified has an AI presentation tool that lets you generate professional and on-brand decks without spending hours creating pitch decks, funding proposals, brand decks, marketing presentations, and others

Simplified also has a full suite of AI tools including an AI writer, AI image generator, background remover, magic resizer, animation maker, content rewriter, long-form writer, Instagram reels, customer testimonial, and convert .mov to mp4 / jpg to png, graphic design, video and animations, and social media planner!

Key Features:

  • Create visually appealing presentations without feeling stuck
  • AI Presentation Maker completes designs with images and written copy in seconds
  • Just input a topic and then the AI generates a unique presentation
  • Fully customizable templates – font, text, color, images, and sounds

User Experience:


Simplified offers 4 pricing plans:

Free Forever: FREE version

Small Team: $30 per month ($252 per year)
Business: $50 per month ($420 per year)
Growth: $125 per month ($1,020 per year)
Enterprise or Agency: contact sales (annual billing only)

Get 30% off with the yearly subscription plan.

My Research on Simplified Reviews

The Good:

  • Simplified is packed with intuitive tools and a friendly user interface
  • You can use keyboard shortcuts HOTKEYS if that’s your thing
  • It has just about every AI marketing, social media, and design tool you need
  • Excellent for creating pitch engaging presentations
  • Great for making social media graphics

The Bad:

  • Simplified doesn’t have any compatible plugins to work with other apps

Start using Simplified today.

3. Beautiful AI

Best for:

Any business

Beautiful AI is a generative AI presentation software that can jumpstart your presentations and puts slide design and formatting on autopilot. Most importantly, it can make your team look brilliant.

Companies such as IBM, Tesla, Google, StubHub, Uber, Salesforce, eBay, and Dropbox use Beautiful AI.

Key Features:

Beautiful AI has a presentation maker called DesignerBot that helps you create presentations quickly. Some of the immediate feature benefits include:

  • Startups can use it to make a winning pitch deck
  • Marketing can create campaigns and reports
  • Sales can create branded proposals in minutes
  • Hundreds of smart slides built with AI-assisted design
  • Slides adapt to the content
  • Simple and intuitive editing controls
  • Customizable themes to stay on brand
  • Add stunning animations to grab your audience’s attention
  • Automatic slide creation and interactive content

User Experience:


Beautiful AI offers 3 pricing plans:

Pro: $12 per month [billed annually]
Team: $50 per user/per month ($480 per user/per year)
Enterprise: Schedule a demo

A free trial is available to see if it’s right for you.

My Research on Beautiful AI reviews

The Good:

  • Speeds up the planning process with cutting-edge formats and designs
  • Make great-looking slideshows in minutes
  • Sleek and trendy designs compared to Microsoft PowerPoint and Keynote
  • No need to involve a designer (save money)
  • Super simple guided design
  • Super smart charting (just pick models)
  • There’s a PowerPoint add-in for Beautiful AI (must be a customer)

The Bad:

  • It’s still a bit glitchy sometimes when making formatting and design changes
  • The cost can be a little high for some sales teams
  • Needs more flexibility to add text boxes and images in the desired slide position
  • Adding videos could be easier

Start using Beautiful AI today.

4. Slides AI

Best for:

Simple non-professional presentations

SlidesAI is a no-frills AI presentation tool that allows you to generate professional, engaging Google slides from any text in a jiffy.

Key Features:

  • Create presentations simply by adding text, the presentation type, and the number of slides required
  • Use predesigned colors and fonts, or choose your own
  • Generate slides within Google Slides

User Experience:


SlidesAI offers 3 pricing plans:

Basic: FREE
Small Team: $10 per month ($100 per year)
Business: $20 per month ($190 per year)

Get 20% off with the yearly subscription plan.

My Research on Slides AI Reviews

The Good:

  • Uses something similar to a text summarizing API to divide the text into sections, slide per section, and then adds relevant images
  • Works with Google Workspace/Google Slides presentation tools
  • Customer service is very responsive

The Bad:

  • It’s not magic, you still have to do some work on your presentation
  • There are more useful tools out there – SlidesAI is quite basic

Start using Slides AI

5. Tome AI

Best for:

Business and Education

Tome is an AI-powered design engine that collaborates with you to tell amazing stories and make your ideas come to life through presentations.

Key Features:

  • AI-based presentation maker based on ChatGPT
  • Build presentations with full narratives
  • Transform documents into presentations
  • Add additional pages in seconds
  • Create stunning images with DALL-E
  • Easily share prototypes or add 3D renderings
  • Trim videos
  • Embed live content from the web
  • Drag and drop creation
  • Responsive pages
  • Save time aligning content or applying brand colors with one-click themes

User Experience:


Tome AI offers 3 pricing plans:

Free: $0
Pro: $10 ($80 per year)
Enterprise contact for pricing

Unlock 5,000 free AI credits with a .edu account.
Sign up for a free account with a .edu address or proof of enrollment and get $100 worth of credits.

My Research on Tome AI Reviews

The Good:

  • A sleek and fast way to represent ideas
  • Beautiful, Simple, and Modern layout
  • Smart content generation
  • Quick outline generation with images
  • Very easy to use, and still powerful
  • “Wow factor”
  • Super intuitive drag and drop
  • Focus more on what needs to be shared in a presentation, not designing it
  • The incredibly powerful storytelling format
  • It’s great for presenting mockups, prototypes, product thinking, feature reviews…
  • Tome neatly fills the gap unresolved by Powerpoint, Slides, and Keynote
  • Tome feels like an entirely new format: somewhere between a no-code website, a blog, and a presentation

The Bad:

  • Lack of slide layout option
  • bullets aren’t concise
  • too many words on the slides

Try Tome AI for free today.

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AI Presentation Software FAQs

Can AI make presentations?

Yes. AI can transform ideas into visually appealing presentations within minutes. AI can save you time by designing slides, organizing slides, and writing slide content or speaker notes.

How does AI Presentation Software Work?

AI presentation tools use machine learning and natural language processing, allowing you to create unique and dynamic presentations that capture the audience’s attention and effectively convey information.

Is AI presentation software free?

Some artificial intelligence presentation tools have a free plan. However, it may limit access to all of the features or the number of “AI credits” you can use. There are usually a lot more benefits to being a paying customer.

How do I make a PowerPoint presentation in AI?

Simply upload your PPT file to your favorite AI presentation tools and start creating or revising.

Can I Convert AI to PowerPoint [PPT]?

Yes. It’s possible to convert AI presentations into PowerPoint or vice versa on most AI presentation tools.

Final thoughts

In a world where both speed and effective communication is critical, enhancing your presentations with the assistance of AI can help you stand out and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Consider using one of the best AI presentation tools that I recommended to deliver visually stunning, informative, and memorable presentations.

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