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5 Best AI Rewriter Tools to avoid google detection

Using an AI rewriter tool to automatically rewrite your content and make it appear unique to Google search engines is one way to improve your SEO.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important aspect to consider in digital content creation if you want your content to rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs).

However, with Google’s advanced algorithms and filters, finding an AI rewriter tool aka article spinner tool/paraphraser tool that can avoid detection and not harm your SEO can be difficult.

This is not only for SEO, marketing, and advertising professionals, though!

Even students can leverage these tools for their assignments, saving time on creating original work that you can later include your own take on things, of course.

This review will look at the 5+ best AI rewriter tools for creating high-quality content while avoiding Google detection and penalties.

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What are the best AI rewriter tools?

Use one of these top AI Rewriter tools to ensure spam and plagiarism-free content while providing the most valuable and useful knowledge to people who visit your site.

Or, if you’re a student, you can beat the teachers at their own game of using AI detection tools as part of grading your assignments.

Here are my top picks for the best AI rewriter tools:

1. Speedwrite

Best for:

SEO and other Marketing and Advertising Copywriters, Students too.

Speedwrite is a lightning-fast rewriter tool that creates “predictions” from any source of text in about 60 seconds. It claims to be the only smart text generator that interprets text and makes it new and original.

Speedwrite is trusted by 100’s thousands of users across the globe to create written content like a skilled, and fluent writer.

Key Features:

  • Paragraph helpers prompt to fix line breaks and split paragraphs if they’re too long
  • Use multiple Wikipedia pages and mix relevant topic paragraphs together
  • Speedwrite Creative – for opinion, personal statement, and argumentative essays
  • WordBlast – another product made by Speedwrite for fiction, fantasy, social justice, and religious statements
  • Passes checks from Grammarly, Unicheck, plagium, Plagiarism Detection, etc.
  • Prevents Duplicate Content and recycled info which Google doesn’t like, it prefers original content

User Experience:


Speedwrite offers 3 pricing plans:

Monthly: $7.99
Semi-Annual: $39.95 (6 months)
Annual: $59.95 (1 year)

My Research on Speedwrite Reviews

The Good:

  • Speedwrite creates original and unique, best-in-class writing from any source text.
  • It’s super fast at creating excellent first drafts!
  • Pricing is simplified like Quillbot
  • Free trial with a limited amount of predictions
  • Rewrite up to 6000 paragraphs per month in the paid version
  • Easily export to Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Libre Office
  • Good for rewriting product descriptions, ad copy, or long-form blog posts

The Bad:

  • Their website looks outdated compared to new AI tools
  • One prediction per paragraph which can go through credits fast for power users
  • Can’t create text from scratch
  • Only a few options for voice, tone, and style of wording
  • No specific writing templates

Try Speedwrite for free today.

2. Word AI

WordAI is an innovative AI writing tool that helps content creators generate unique, high-quality, engaging content for their websites, blogs, social media, and more.

Key Features:

  • AI Content Rewriter – the paraphrasing tool outputs contextually relevant, easy-to-read, and grammatically correct content
  • Bulk rewrite – upload all articles at the same time
  • Pass AI Detection – uses natural language processing to avoid Google penalties while making content that’s human and SEO-friendly
  • Create more unique content – each piece of content is original and free of plagiarism
  • Productivity boost – brainstorm multiple ideas, clarify and clean up content, and create multiple versions of the same content (i.e. a/b testing marketing copy)
  • Fill content calendar – refresh, repurpose, and publish more content to
  • Scale SEO Content Strategy – maximize SERP keyword rankings and boost website authority
  • Plagiarism-free content checker
  • API support
  • Bulk download, HTML compatible, and has a code view for rewriting in HTML and rich-text

User Experience:


WordAI offers 3 pricing plans:

Starter: $17 per month ($108 per year)
Power: $57 per month ($324 per year)
Enterprise: custom pricing for high-volume usage

Save 47% with the yearly plan.

My Research on WordAI Reviews

The Good:

  • It has an easy-to-use, simple interface
  • Fuel an SEO content machine by revving up the output of relevant content
  • Freelancer copywriters and bloggers gain more earning potential
  • Research, write, and proofread more effectively
  • Natural-sounding rewritten content
  • Many options to tweak spun content
  • Article Forge integration to import already written content
  • The article spinner tool has better grammar and readability than most spinners available

The Bad:

  • Limitations on words and characters per upload
  • Could use more tone of voice options for rewriting articles and emails

Start a free trial with WordAI today.

3. Quillbot

Best for:

Copywriters and Bloggers

Quillbot is a popular AI paraphrasing tool that helps you rewrite and suggest text for short-form and long-form content. It’s kinda like a swiss army knife for anyone that writes professionally.

Quillbot has been around since 2017 and has a large staff of people to support its article-rewriting software.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited paraphrasing length (paid) – control how much the text is changed. Rephrase sentences and get synonym suggestions. Adding more synonyms will change the meaning of the text
  • 7 paraphrasing modes

    Standard keeps the original meaning as close as possible
    Fluency uses some synonyms but keeps the overall meaning and fixes grammar mistakes
    Formal makes writing sound academic or business-like
    Simple – changes the text to a lower reading comprehension grade level, ideal for technical subjects
    Creative – completely change the meaning and how it reads
    Expand – add additional words to include more details or meet word count requirements
    – reduce the number of words while keeping the originally intended meaning (a step above the summarizer tool)

  • Grammar checker – make the right first impressions when you write
  • Plagiarism checker
    – compare your document with billions of online sources
    – authorship and citations check
    – real-time plagiarism score and report
    – actionable feedback that’s easy to understand
    – check content in more than 100 languages
    – scan 20 pages per month (250 words = 1 page)
  • Quillbot Flow – advanced AI word processor that allows you to import/export documents. It has built-in abilities such as summarizer, write assist, citations, web search, paraphraser, thesaurus, grammar checker, notes, and analytics
  • Summarizer – create long or short summaries based on context
  • Citation generator writes accurate citations from a website, video, image, report, online news article, online dictionary entry, or book chapter

    Just paste and search based on:
    – web page URL
    – article/DOI number
    – book title, ISBN, or EAN number

  • Translator – translate text into multiple languages (30+) quickly and accurately with AI

User Experience:


Quillbot offers 2 pricing plans:

Free: $0 per month
Premium: $9.95 per month ($39.95 every 6 months) or ($49.95 per year)

Get 40% off Quillbot Premium

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My research on Quillbot Reviews

The Good:

  • Straightforward paraphrasing, grammar, and plagiarism checker
  • The paid paraphrasing and plagiarism mode is worth it if you’re producing a lot of content
  • Free tool – try before you buy
  • Great value rewriter with the annual price
  • Has a Google Chrome and Microsoft Word plugin extension
  • My favorite rewriting mode is “Fluency”
  • Makes blog post editing a cinch

The Bad:

  • Just 5000 words per month are allotted for the plagiarism checker tool (roughly 2-5 long-form articles)
  • Excels the most with paraphrasing – Grammarly does better with grammar-related fixes
  • The plagiarism-checking tool isn’t reliable
  • A few people haven’t gotten their requested refunds (Its possible that people try to use Premium for one or two projects and then asked for a refund)

Start using Quillbot today.

4. Text Cortex

Best for:

Marketing and SaaS industries (especially ecommerce)

Text Cortex prides itself in being an AI Tool to write all types of marketing, sales, and website copy in a matter of seconds. It allows for automating up to 70% of copyrighting work which cuts down on production costs and speeds up content creation.

Companies such as Shopify, Amazon, Upwork, Fiverr, Envato, and Fiverr all use their AI writer/rewriter software.

Key Features:

Text Cortex has advanced features such as SEO tools to optimize blog posts, write product descriptions that sell, compose email copy that converts, create high-performing ads, and formulate engaging copy like it’s a science.

  • Rewrite tool – highlight words and rephrase them automatically
  • Templates – More than 60 AI-based writing templates
  • Voice Activation – increases accessibility with voice-over capabilities
  • ZenoChat – AI assistant that can be accessed anywhere, at anytime
  • Zeno Mode – upgrade your writing quality with an AI assistant
  • Integrations include
    – Medium and Google Docs
    – Gmail and Outlook
    – LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube,
    – Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera
    – Groove, Notion, Overleaf
  • Multiple Languages Text Cortex is available in 25+ languages
  • Enterprise API

User Experience:


Text Cortex offers 3 pricing plans:

Free: $0
Pro: $21.55 per month ($258.60 per year)
Business: $53.89 per month ($646.68 per year)

My research on Text Cortex reviews

The Good:

  • Free article rewriter (up to 100 words at a time) – the paid business plan has unlimited words
  • Summarization and YouTube description tools are also completely free (up to 100 words at a time)
  • Especially ideal for e-commerce marketing
  • The product description generator is very useful
  • Generates raw content writing ideas
  • Chrome extension available
  • The enterprise API is easier to integrate than GPT-3 or an in-house app
  • 20X less expensive than outsourcing copywriters

The Bad:

  • Many of the writing options (ideas, outlines, etc.) don’t always output what is expected
  • When extending the content of a blog post, it’s not always responsive the first time
  • The basic account has a limit of 50 generations per day

Start using Text Cortex today.

5. Simplified

Best for:

Marketing and Design Agencies
Entrepreneurs, small teams, and businesses

Simplified is the ultimate AI content generator for companies to create, collab, and scale their marketing efforts whether you’re one person or a team of marketing and design professionals. It can handle all of your AI copywriting, video editing, graphic design, and social media management tasks all in one software.

Key Features:

  • Content rewriter – switch up your writing style with 10+ different writing tones that make your sentences, paragraphs, or entire content more interesting. Freshen up marketing and sales copy, ad copy, phrases, taglines, and bios, and even repurpose old social media copy
  • AI writer – create blogs, social media, and other content in minutes, not hours. It can produce SEO-formulated hashtags, quotes, titles, and descriptions for written and visual content
  • Social media management
    – includes a content calendar, managing multiple social accounts in one place, create and editing images, videos, and text posts directly from the planner.
  • Graphic design
    – create epic marketing collateral even if you’re not a designer
    – one click editing tools
    – team collaboration
    – professional templates for content, brand assets, social media posts, banners, and more
    – easily flow from design to publishing
    – text to image using Dall E or Diffusion (coming soon)
  • Video and animations
    – Make TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram videos in one click
    – Resize and customize videos for any platform
    – Trim video, add gradients, filters, effects, icons, texts, etc.
    – Export to GIF or MP4
    – Premium-designed templates and watermark-free stock videos

User Experience:


Simplified offers 5 pricing plans:

Free Forever: FREE version

Small Team: $30 per month ($252 per year)
Business: $50 per month ($420 per year)
Growth: $125 per month ($1,020 per year)
Enterprise or Agency: contact sales (annual billing only)

Get 30% off with the yearly subscription plan.

My research on Simplified reviews

The Good:

  • Free AI article generator that makes writing long paragraphs, descriptions, and lists look easy
  • Outperforms the capabilities of Canva and has fresher designs to stand out
  • How-to videos are available on the corresponding AI tools page
  • Its got the most and best templates I’ve ever seen to create something amazing
  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • No need to jump from one AI app to another as a digital marketing professional
  • Gives insights to devise a more effective content strategy

The Bad:

  • It’s hard to know how many credits you can use in the free account
  • The video editor has a bit of a learning curve
  • No template for Instagram captions yet

Start using Simplified free for 30 days.

Best AI Writer Software Reviews

*Some of these AI Writing Tools have rewriting capabilities

AI Rewriter FAQs

Can AI rewrite an article?

Yes. AI can rewrite a sentence, paragraph, or entire article depending on the AI rewriting tool’s capabilities. Many free or trial tools put limits plan word count until you become a paying customer.

Is an article spinner the same as a rewriter tool?

Yes. An article spinner is just another way to say a rewriter tool.

Will search engines penalize rewritten content?

Typically content that provides little to no new insights, or doesn’t present information in a better way for users will not get extra points from Google.

In fact, it’s possible that a site can get penalized if it happens too often.

Can Google detect aI copywriting?

Yes. Google continues to develop sophisticated AI-based algorithms that can detect articles published using artificial intelligence. Right now, Google uses machine learning to recognize typical AI content writing patterns in grammar, syntax, and text structure. It also checks for the overall quality of the content written.

Does Google Penalize AI Writing?

No. Google clearly states that using AI or other automated tools is not illegal unless you’re purposefully manipulating search rankings by spamming low-quality content. Google uses its SpamBrain system to detect if the content is in violation of its spam policies.

Your search engine rankings [SERP] won’t be penalized as long as you’re not trying to game the system by writing only for Google SEO algorithms instead of being helpful with accurate content that’s relatable to real people.

To keep Google’s content belly happy, familiarize yourself with and make content following the E-E-A-T guidelines of experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.

Read more on the Search Central Blog about Google Search Guidance about AI-generated content.

Final thoughts

When creating content, an AI rewriter tool can save you time and effort. However, it is important to go with AI technology capable of producing high-quality, unique content while avoiding Google detection.

You can ensure that your content is not only plagiarism-free but also optimized for search engines by using one of the best AI rewriter tools discussed in this review.

Remember that, while these AI rewriting tools can assist you in the content creation process, it’s always required to review and edit your content to ensure it meets your standards as well as those of your audience.

With the right AI tool and a little bit of effort, you can create content that is both engaging and search engine optimized.

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