10 best link tracker software [for Affiliates and media Buyers]

Looking for link tracking software?

Managing links is crucial if you’re an affiliate marketer, media buyer, or a business planning to launch an affiliate program.

But let’s be honest. It can quickly get out of hand.

If you want to:

  • Stop wasting precious time handling links manually.
  • Use more accurate and reliable tracking data than from ad platforms.
  • Use advanced tracking features to optimize successful campaigns fully.
  • See detailed analytics on your ads and link performance in real time.
  • Make smarter decisions to grow your affiliate business.
  • Manage an affiliate program.

Then, this review will take the guesswork out of finding the perfect link tracker software that’s right for you.

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What is the best Link tracking software in 2023?

I’m here to help you save time looking for the best link tracking tools so that you can focus on what matters most.

Grow your business and make the most out of affiliate programs by having the best link tracking system in place. It’s time to improve your link management and reporting process today.

Here are my top picks for the Top Link Tracking Tools.

1. Lasso

Best for:

Affiliate marketers, especially affiliate bloggers.

Lasso is the ultimate toolkit for affiliate marketers who want to optimize their content performance and drive exponential earnings in an easy-to-use WordPress plugin.

Key Features:

Data from revenue and click-tracking tools are the most important way to grow your affiliate income.

Product Displays
  • Insert affiliate ad displays into your content that has been tested by millions of visitors and made millions of dollars in revenue.
  • Best-in-class comparison tables, lists, and grid displays that match your branding perfectly
Dashboard and Link Health
  • Searchable product link dashboard that displays each URL, image, name, group, and the total number of links on your site
  • Quickly find and replace broken links, out-of-stock links, or a potential new affiliate opportunity.
  • View your site’s most clicked products and how those links perform on each post and page.
Click Tracking Tools
  • Optimize your monetization strategy by knowing which displays get clicks and how visitors interact with your content.
  • Drive more clicks by finding out which posts need attention to increase your monthly affiliate revenue.
  • Import affiliate links from other plugins like Thirsty Affiliates, Pretty Links, and more.
Group and organize links
  • Group and organize your affiliate links with the option to display them as lists, grids, or galleries.
  • Drag and drop links into a different position, and it will update across your site.
Link Cloaking
  • Make cute URLs
  • Create custom permalinks for every affiliate link
Amazon Affiliates
  • Copy and paste any Amazon URL to automatically include the product title, image, and price [No APIs].
  • Turns Amazon URLs into affiliate links and updates the data every day.
  • Lasso automatically updates all product info, including changed prices and images.
  • Get alerts when a product is out of stock.
  • Directs people to their country’s local Amazon store using Amazon OneLink

User Experience:


Lasso has 3 pricing plans:

Essential – $39 per month for 1 website
Advanced – $99 per month for up to 3 websites
Portfolio – $299 per month for up to 10 websites

My Research on Lasso reviews

The Good:

  • No better plugin for affiliates
  • Perfect for any blogger out there
  • Lasso helped me triple revenue in 4 months.
  • Affiliate marketers could see a bump in earnings by increasing conversion rates.
  • Always willing to assist with integrations
  • Customer service is fast, responsive, and helpful
  • Customers love their pricing structure.
  • Support is extremely personalized.
  • Easy to implement and looks great
  • Doesn’t slow your site down like other tools
  • Performance tool is a big value add.
  • Simply one of the best link management tools for affiliates
  • I love being able to change links in one place, and it instantly changes them everywhere on my site.
  • When affiliate income is the point of your site, you really need to give Lasso a try!
  • I’m averaging over 100 clicks a day on affiliate links within 30 days of using it and only utilizing it on 15% of my website.
  • Lasso is making my site’s aesthetics go from a guy in his basement to a media company.
  • Drastically improved my CTR and, as a result, my commissions too.
  • Display boxes are a great way to showcase your affiliate products and get people interested in clicking.
  • The table feature is a real game changer for affiliates because it saves time, looks great, and converts.

The Bad:

  • Competitors will have a hard time beating their glowing reviews and positive reputation with their customers.

Start using Lasso today.

2. ClickMagick

Best for:

Affiliate marketers, entrepreneurs, e-commerce stores, and small businesses

You can’t rely on click and conversion stats from any ad platforms because of Greedy Attribution, Short Attribution Windows, Estimated and Delayed Data, iOS “Do Not Track”, and other privacy initiatives.

That’s why, ClickMagick specializes in the most accurate link tracking and attribution so that you can optimize your ads and sales funnels based on real results. It has every tool you need to gain a competitive advantage and scale profits.

Since 2014, more than 122,000 entrepreneurs and businesses have used Clickmagick to track and improve their online marketing.

Key Features:

ClickMagick has everything you need to track everything in your online business: clicks, leads, engagements, and sales.

Affiliate Marketing Tools
  • Integrated with 100+ affiliate networks for easy link tracking service
  • Postback / server-to-server tracking provides the most accurate way to track conversions
  • Dynamic affiliate links let you pre-sell visitors at any time during the sales process
  • Add tracking pixels or retargeting codes to any affiliate link
  • Redirect traffic to different affiliate links based on user location or device type
Click and ad tracking
  • Track every click and conversion from free, paid, and organic traffic precisely as it happened.
  • Track any goal, sale, or user activity on your site or store with tremendous accuracy.
  • Provides a workaround for the iOS “do not track” to continue tracking users and send the data back to your ad platforms
  • Unbreakable cross-device tracking
  • Quickly and accurately track all your offline conversions.
  • Dozens of settings and options to create custom tracking links
  • Use whatever domain you want with ClickMagick’s tracking links
Auto cost update
  • Automatically retrieve and view your ad cost data around the clock from platforms like Google, Facebook, Microsoft Ads, and TikTok all in one place
perfect ad optimization
  • 24 KPIs for any traffic source or ad, reported in real-time.
  • Automatically send actual conversion data in real-time – meaning more customers and a higher ROI
  • Advanced multi-touch attribution models for deeper performance marketing insights to help you scale
  • View the complete visitor journey, from ad clicks to website to emails, in order to optimize marketing.
protection from Bots and click fraud
  • Automatically filter or block bot clicks to pay what you should actually be paying.
  • ClickShield lets you set up simple rules to define the type of click behavior you desire, saving more ad dollars.

User Experience:


ClickMagick offers 3 pricing plans:

Starter: $49 per month (for new marketers on a budget)
Essential: $99 per month (for growing businesses)
Pro: $199 per month (for power users)

Free 14-day trial available.

My Research on ClickMagick Reviews

The Good:

  • The founder created one of the first “tracking link” services for online marketers in 1996!
  • When I do paid ads, ClickMagick can instantly mark suspicious robots or spiders, and it is clear at a glance where the visitors come from, IP, device, and system used.
  • Instructions from the support team are always very good, clear, and extremely helpful.
  • Prompt customer service
  • “I just started as an affiliate marketer, and I’m not tech-savvy at all! With that being said, I appreciate how fast and helpful you’ve been. I still have a lot to learn, but it’s nice having such a great team to help me along the way.”
  • “I use it for funnel tracking.”
  • “ClickMagick has been simple to use and not overly complicated like some other tracking solutions”
  • “If you don’t track, how will you make any decisions in your business? Which ad brought in sales? Which one didn’t work at all? Without a good tracker, you don’t know anything. I’m always stunned by the accuracy of ClickMagick.”
  • “Their tracking is great, it’s real-time data.”
  • Customer support will jump on a phone call or Zoom to help.
  • “Clickmagick is a powerful and versatile tracking platform that helps measure, analyze, and optimize marketing campaigns.”

The Bad:

  • If you don’t pay your bill for 3 weeks, you won’t be able to retrieve your account using a previous email.
  • Short slugs are too long and not practical for SMS marketing
  • Not ideal for beginner marketers

Try ClickMagick free for 2 weeks.

3. Voluum

Best for:

Advertisers, media buyers, and affiliate marketers running paid ads

Voluum is the gold standard of cloud based ad tracking software for media buyers that assists with campaign optimization. It integrates with 70+ ad platforms including Google Ads, Facebook, Propeller Ads, Taboola, TikTok, Outbrain, and Yahoo!

Key Features:

  • Built-in optimization and automation tools that integrate all your ad platforms together
  • Collects detailed data about your clicks and conversions (downloads, upsells, views, etc.)
  • Helps to match ads and landing pages with the right audiences
  • Track custom conversions
  • Perform automatic a/b tests
  • Can even optimize campaigns for you.
  • Account managers will show you how everything works, and assist you with setup.
  • Account managers can help or improve your media buying strategy.
  • Voluum can give warm introductions to some of its countless partnerships and industry connections, such as Big Ad Networks, Native Traffic Platforms, Facebook Ad Agencies, Google Ads Agencies, and Mobile Acquisition Platforms.

User Experience:


Individual Plans

Profit: $199 per month or $2,148 per year (Save $240)
Scale: $349 per month or $3,588 per year (Save $600)

Business Plans

Start-up: $599 per month or $6,468 per year (Save $720)
Agency: $999 per month or $9,588 per year (Save $2,400)
Enterprise: $1,999 per month or $19,188 per year (Save $4,800)

My Research on Voluum Reviews

The Good:

  • Maximize results with AI and automation.
  • “It is one of the best tracking tools out there for serious marketers.”
  • “Voluum has been a game-changer for me when it comes to ad tracking.”
  •  “I use it for affiliate marketing, and the ability to optimize campaigns live on a macro level and control campaigns live using the Voluum integrations with advertising networks makes the process very easy.”
  • “Voluum aggregates all the data from different networks in one place. This is extremely helpful to efficiently run a business.”
  • “Our company has been using Voluum tracker for over 5 years. it’s easy to use and gives high speed and visual presentation of information. They have integration with a huge number of traffic sources -it’s very helpful, especially for new team members.”
  • “Voluum is one of the most critical parts of our advertising business. It is our eyes and ears. Voluum has a beautiful UI, plenty of integrations, and it’s straightforward to work with.”
  • “The Voluum interface is easy to use yet very advanced, allowing you to understand the data and your campaigns at a very high level.”
  • “I like the fact that now I can finally have all of my campaigns, from many different platforms, under control and ready to optimize. I can easily see what’s working and what’s not, which helps me increase my profits.”
  • “What I liked the most about Voluum is that you have a lot of ways to configure the setup to your needs.”
  • “The reporting is clean, and it’s intuitive and easy to make changes from a desktop or mobile. The app is also a very convenient way to check campaign stats on the go.”
  • “We’ve tested other trackers on the market, both hosted and self-hosted but continue coming back to Voluum for its reliability and ease of use.”

The Bad:

  • “Voluum can seem overwhelming at first. However, with help from the support team, their ‘affiliate academy free online course, and their helpful YouTube tutorials, you soon get to grips with it.”
  • “It would be great if there were more how-to videos on YT.”
  • “The learning curve may be steep for beginners, but the support of Voluum is always available to help.”
  • It can be pricey for people with small budgets, but everything is well worth it.
  • The interface could be improved, such as when setting offers or campaigns.
  • Can’t track more complicated funnels with multiple pages in a sequence and multiple offers being split-tested on each page.

Start using Voluum today.

4. AnyTrack

Best for:

Modern digital marketers, especially ad agencies, ecommerce, and affiliate marketers.

AnyTrack is a plug & play ad tracking and attribution software. It can track conversions across your marketing channels, analytics, and powerful tools for marketing, allowing you to create remarketing audiences, optimize campaigns, and improve campaign performance.

Key Features:

Conversion tracking and attribution
  • One tag auto tracks, attributes, and syncs all conversions with every connected marketing tool.
  • No coding, real-time validation, and instant setup
  • Automatically tracks events like outbound clicks and form submissions using code
  • Finds offer links and forms automatically
  • Promote unlimited offers
  • AnyTrack automatically tags your offer links and forms to ensure accurate funnel tracking and attribution across all your marketing tools, channels, affiliate networks, and advertisers.
  • Tracking with no re-directs needed
  • Compatible with any CMS
Streamline data flow
  • Connect all your pixels and analytics tools to the same conversion data so you can leverage it across multiple ad networks.
  • See granular website analytics data.
  • Connect to 60+ integrated affiliate ad networks.
  • API, Postback URL, and custom integrations available
Data-driven Marketing
  • Increase conversions and ROI with custom audiences that trigger the right ads at the right time.
  • Target based on conversion type.
  • Run multi-channel campaigns from audience data with campaign tracking across ad networks.
  • Gain more insights on promoted ads or content and then optimize based on accurate conversion data

User Experience:


AnyTrack offers 3 pricing plans:

Basic: $50 per month [For solopreneurs]
Yearly: $150 per month [for small teams)
Business: $300 per month (for agencies and their clients)

My Research on anyTrack Reviews

The Good:

  • Caters to affiliate marketers
  • Integrates with most ad and affiliate marketing software platforms
  • “I love how simple “plug and play” is using all their built-in integrations.”
  • “The platform is well-designed, easy to use, and reasonably priced.”
  • “A good alternative to many of the much more expensive attribution platforms in the market.”
  • “Anytrack helped me solve conversion and attribution of ads to conversions. It helps to track ROAS to optimize ads and landing pages better. The easy-to-use dashboard makes it easy to know whether an ad campaign is working quickly.”
  • “I was able to solve the conversion problem using Anytrack. It helps to track and know where we are lacking to get better-optimized ads. Also, it is easy to tell if an ad campaign is working with the easy-to-use dashboard.”
  • “Fantastic product that solves a problem many marketeers have. I recommend and continue to do so to our clients using our lead generation software. Well done, team AT and good luck.”
  • “We’ve been using anytrack since the early days. Their affiliate network integrations enabled us to plug our conversion data in real-time into an analytics platform. There’s nothing like seeing your SEO Return on investment directly in Google Analytics.”
  • “Using AnyTrack has removed online attribution’s headache and enabled many of my projects to outperform our old manual setup ROI.”
  • “AnyTrack has allowed me to forget about the attribution complications, focus on getting traffic/sales, and do what I do best.”

The Bad:

  • No AdRoll integration yet
  • Setting up multiple affiliate platforms can be confusing, but support is there to help.
  • No attribution window tracking
  • Entry level plan only allows 1 ad pixel total

Start using AnyTrack now.

5. LeadDyno

Best for:

SaaS and Ecommerce stores with affiliate programs

LeadDyno is an all-in-one affiliate tracking software to launch, manage, and grow your affiliate program no matter the size of your business.

Get access to the best affiliate tracking software that integrates with top e-commerce platforms, payment processors, CRMs, and email platforms.

Key Features:

  • Quickly and easily set up your affiliate program
  • Tracks all of your clicks, leads, and sales from each affiliate.
  • Run a simple or more complicated incentive or payment structure.
  • Affiliate tools help keep affiliates engaged and increase marketing efforts
  • Send automated emails to your affiliates and customers.
  • Analyze clicks, leads, and sales on one dashboard to compare campaigns
  • Bulk pay affiliates with Paypal Mass Pay

User Experience:


LeadDyno offers 3 pricing plans:

$49 per month

$129 per month

$349 per month

$749 per month

My Research on LeadDyno Reviews

The Good:

  • “It’s working great! I had leads from day one. Every day the affiliate program keeps growing consistently.”
  • “It was easy to figure out how to configure the affiliate program for different groups.”
  • “LeadDyno integrates well with Shopify, and their reporting tool is better than other tools I have tried, especially regarding reoccurring subscription charges.”
  • Integrates with your existing tech stack
  • “I like that the software ACTUALLY tracks the sales by my affiliates within seconds after the sale.”
  • Track customer activity on site.
  • Easy to track payments and traffic sources.

The Bad:

  • “There are a few functionalities we wish it had, but overall we’re extremely happy with the customer service and price point.”
  • “I’d like to see more analytics in the affiliate’s dashboard.”
  • The interface is outdated and needs a redesign with improved UX.
  • No mobile app to view traffic and sales.
  • No chat service on the weekends

Try LeadDyno for free today.

6. iDevAffiliate

Best for:

Business and Education

iDevAffiliate has become one of the best affiliate management solutions in the industry, with many years of experience in the affiliate link tracking software business.

Key Features:

iDevAffiliate is built from the ground up with the most affiliate tracking system features that both beginners and experts will find useful.

  • Improve your SEO by using relevant backlinks and SEO-friendly linking structures.
  • Improve your conversion rate by attracting higher-quality traffic.
  • Get up and running quickly with a built-in onboarding (step-by-step) process and over 70 hours of training videos.
  • Allow affiliates to earn money from the people they recruit. Enable up to ten tiers in the multi-tier feature!
  • Give coupon codes to your affiliates for marketing purposes. There are no links required! Excellent for offline and word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Use your own subdomain for inbound linking and account location.
  • Affiliates can market on social media.
  • Localization tools, including default currency – 28 professionally translated languages
  • Monitor leads referred by affiliates and the option to give them a commission
  • Auto increase payouts based on performance
  • Split test keywords and links
  • Customize logo, layout, theme, and language
  • Choose the commission payout based on purchase amount
  • Fraud prevention features available
  • Override commissions when necessary
  • Affiliates can manage their own database of sub-affiliates
  • Pay affiliates directly from the dashboard using Paypal or Stripe

User Experience:


IDevAffiliate offers 3 pricing plans:

$59 per month [on sale for $39 per month]

Cloud with a custom subdomain:
$79 per month [on sale for $59 per month]

Cloud Premium:
$99 per month [on sale for $79 per month]

No contracts, transaction fees, or hidden fees.
Upgrade or downgrade at any time.
Both Cloud and Self-hosted options are available.

My Research on iDevAffiliate Reviews

The Good:

  • Does a great job with the basics at a reasonable price.
  • It works well with social media.
  • There are templates for email campaigns, banner ads, and text templates.
  • “The fraud protection is an A+ and makes my clients feel more secure.”

The Bad:

  • The customization of the front end is difficult to use
  • Not compatible with all website templates
  • Customer service isn’t that great
  • The setup process can be tricky depending on which version you use (self-hosted or hosted) and which shopping cart or ecommerce platform you use.

Try iDevAffiliate for today.

7. AffiliateWP

Best for:

Businesses and website owners that manage affiliate programs

AffiliateWP is one of the best plugins for managing affiliates within WordPress.

Key Features:

Keep an eye on referrals from the eCommerce, membership, form, and payment plugins that you use. It has an activity dashboard that highlights key growth metrics.

  • 50+ growth tools
  • Detailed affiliate reports with insights to scale your program and get more sales.
  • One-time, tiered, lifetime, and personalized commissions.
  • Use custom hooks, filters, templates, and Rest API
  • Track referral links, affiliate codes, custom landing pages, cross-domain promotions, direct link tracking, etc.
  • Pay affiliates with PayPal or Stripe with one click.
  • Make unique referral links, affiliate banners, coupons, landing pages, QR codes, and more.
  • Affiliate fraud prevention tools
  • Customize affiliate registration, onboarding, approvals, and payouts.
  • Branded affiliate dashboard
  • Email marketing tools
  • Affiliate leaderboards for contests
  • Supports 30+ languages and is used worldwide

User Experience:



AffiliateWP has 3 pricing plans.

Professional: $599 per year [for large businesses]
Plus: $399 per year [for growing businesses]
Personal: $299 per year [essential tools to build an affiliate program]

14-day money-back guarantee

My Research on AffiliateWP Reviews

The Good:

  • Professional and appealing affiliate management system
  • “I love the automatic payouts and how I can have them scaled.”
  • Works well with both WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads
  • Not too many configurations required
  • “The affiliate tracking is nice and straightforward. This saved us a ton of time in coding our own system, making it an affordable solution for our clients.”
  • “I’m super excited to have launched an affiliate program so quickly.”
  • “AffiliateWP is the best WordPress plugin that offers incredible affiliate marketing tools to increase your business, and you can easily make more money.”
  • “It just works out of the box and helps expand revenue through the affiliate channel.”

The Bad:

  • Most of the negative reviews were done in 2020. The software has changed a lot for the better.
  • “Being able to provide more to affiliate users in terms of helping them sell products or having more ready-to-go ads with affiliate links would be nice to see.”
  • One person said: “It is useless at tracking. We are constantly adding new referrals for purchases that did not link and have caused distrust with our affiliates.”

Try AffiliateWP now.

8. ThirstyAffiliates

Best for:

Affiliate bloggers and ecommerce professionals.

ThirstyAffiliates is an awesome link-cloaking WordPress plugin. It’s the most effective way to cloak long ugly affiliate links and insert them in your blog posts.

Another big benefit is that it prevents commission hijacking. That’s when someone changes your affiliate link to a different one.

Key Features:

  • Choose keywords to be automatically linked
  • Uncloak links for Amazon compliance
  • Manage links via CSV
  • Admin email reports, charts, and tables
  • Keeps affiliate links up-to-date
  • Supports third-party APIs
  • Auto 404-page checker
  • Tight integration with Google Analytics — pushes click event when an affiliate link is clicked
  • Alternative destinations for international clicks

User Experience:


ThirstyAffiliates has both a free and paid plans.

Free Plan [LITE]: $0
Basic [PRO]: $159 per year
Plus [PRO]: $259 per year
Advanced [PRO]: $399 per year

14-day refund guarantee*

The real value of Thirsty Affiliates comes with its Pro add-on with advanced reporting for full affiliate revenue visibility and other valuable features. The Google Analytics integration is worth it alone. The free version mainly just cloaks your links and has some basic reporting.

My Research on ThirstyAffiliates Reviews

The Good:

  • “We have thousands of articles and 200+ affiliate partners. ThirstyAffiliates makes managing links and being compliant with Google’s policies much easier.”
  • “The most advanced Affiliate link management plugin for serious affiliates and smart bloggers. GA events and Automatic 404 Checker are a blessing for established bloggers.”
  • “I can’t recommend it enough as the best affiliate link management plugin ever.”
  • A simple way to manage your affiliate links in one place.
  • Use shortened links instead of long, ugly ones that scare your readers away.
  • Lightweight plugin

The Bad:

  • No negative reviews can be found!

Try ThirstyAffiliates now.

9. PrettyLinks

Best for:

Affiliate marketers, podcasters, bloggers, and vloggers

PrettyLInks is one of the best WordPress affiliate link management plugins for optimizing your links, monetizing your content, simplifying your strategy, and increasing your profits.

It has over 5,000,000 downloads already! Making it one of the most popular link management plugins.

Key Features:

  • Add your affiliate links once, and then PrettyLinks will automatically place them in your content.
  • Links can be shared on multiple platforms like blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, email newsletters, etc.
  • Save time by not having to place all affiliate links on your site by hand.
  • Powerful link shortener
  • Product displays
  • Link management
  • Download the clicked link reports in CSV format.
  • Cloak affiliate links
  • Create branded links
  • Create redirect links
  • Find and fix broken links on your site

User Experience:


PrettyLinks has 3 annual pricing plans.

Beginner: $199 per year [on sale for $99.50 per year]
Marketer: $299 per year [on sale for $149.50 per year]
Super Affiliate: $399 per year [on sale for $199.50 per year]

Adding and managing links manually is like flushing money down the toilet when you could be doing more profitable things.

My Research on PrettyLinks Reviews

The Good:

  • “I use Pretty Links more than any other plugin for my podcast and website.”
  • “I bought Pretty Links simply because it made creating links for my pages and posts faster, but I’ve since discovered a ton of other value that continues to increase with each update.”
  • “Whether it’s trackable affiliate links, memorable and speakable URLs for my podcasts, or automated keyword hyperlinking, Pretty Links saves me a lot of time and helps me earn more money from my blog and podcast!”
  • “I love that you can start using Prettylinks for free with their “lite” version!”
  • Prettylinks is easy to use & it works right inside WordPress.
  • “I generate unique affiliate links for my business.”

The Bad:

  • The “lite” free version is super limited.
  • One person said she thinks the pro version costs too much.
  • Can’t schedule links.
  • Gutenberg block editor has no PrettyLinks Button like ThirstyAffiliates

Try PrettyLinks now.

10. EasyAffiliate

Best for:

Any sized businesses

EasyAffiliate is a completely self-hosted affiliate program for a WordPress membership or ecommerce store in minutes.

Key Features:

  • Integrates with many popular ecommerce, membership, and email services and plugins.
  • The setup is simple, with no coding required.
  • You’ll immediately get an entire affiliate program at your fingertips after downloading it.
  • Personalized affiliate dashboards let affiliates monitor their stats, edit account info, download link, and banners, and view their payment history.
  • Ability to reject, ignore and approve any applications during your qualification process.
  • Pay affiliates with PayPal. Login once per month, review the activity, then pay!
  • Email marketing integrations like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, and ConvertKit.
  • Content creative management for links and banners
  • Fraud detection that rejects suspicious affiliate behavior
  • Custom link generation

User Experience:


EasyAffiliate has 3 annual pricing tiers.

Basic: $199 per year [on sale for $99.50] – perfect for first affiliate program
Plus: $299 per year [on sale for $149.50] – for entrepreneurs and small businesses
Pro: $399 per year [on sale for $199.50] – for ecommerce site builders

*14 day money back guarantee

Automatic updates, training, and premium support is included with every paid plan.

My Research on AffiliateWP Reviews

The Good:

  • Just install it, and it’s ready!
  • Dashboard layout is easy to read
  • Ecommerce integrations are a standout feature
  • Payout affiliates fast with one click

The Bad:

  • No free version

Try EasyAffiliate now.

Google Mum SEO Strategy

Link Tracker Software FAQs

What are link tracking software tools?

Link tracking software can help you track conversions with intelligent conversion tracking. You also know instantly if your campaigns are successful or not because of the in-depth tracking and reporting that traditional ad platforms can’t provide.

Link tracking solutions like these are your eyes and ears so that you’re not stuck in a maze of click data with no way out.

Many software has options to combine data from multiple ad platforms to make decisions from one command center.

How Do I make a trackable link?

To create a trackable link, you can add UTM parameters to your URL, which are tags that provide information about the source, medium, and other traffic details.

That way, you can analyze the performance of the link and track its effectiveness using website analytics platforms.

As an affiliate marketer, you can make trackable links using tracking software or platforms provided by the affiliate programs you’re working with.

Affiliate platforms generate unique links for you, which already contain tracking parameters and allow you to track clicks, conversions, and commissions associated with your referrals.

How Can I manage Campaign links easier?

  1. Use link shortening services like Bitly or TinyURL to create shorter and more manageable links.
  2. Use UTM parameters to track and analyze link performance.
  3. Keep an organized spreadsheet to store all campaign links, including destination URLs, shortened URLs (if applicable), campaign details, and UTM parameters.
  4. Organize links by campaigns to keep them well-structured and easily accessible.
  5. Be consistent with naming links to identify and sort your links quickly.
  6. Utilize online URL builder tools to generate custom campaign URLs with UTM parameters, eliminating the need for manual coding.
  7. Use a link management platform for advanced features and analytics.
  8. Regularly audit and update your campaign links to make sure they’re still active and relevant.

What is the best link Tracking Software for Marketers?

Based on reviews, the top 3 best link trackers:

How much does it cost for link tracking software?

Link tracking software pricing can vary based on if you choose a monthly or annual pricing plan. When comparing the best tracking software solutions, I found that many offer only annual pricing plans.

It looks like Thirsty Affiliates is one of the only companies that offers a free plan.

Looking for a free software might be tempting, but paid subscriptions usually pay for themselves.

That’s because you’re not wasting as much ad spend, and your marketing and ad campaigns are optimized to be more profitable.

If you’re just tracking and cloaking a few links, free affiliate link tracking software might be good for a few months while you’re just starting out. The problem is you won’t have the full visibility you need to know what’s working and what’s not.

Final thoughts

I hope you enjoyed reading my list of the best link tracking software of 2023.

Finding the best click tracking software tools is a total game changer for affiliates, media buyers, and businesses starting their own affiliate programs.

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