5+ Best Progressive Web App [pWA] Builders

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are the next big thing in web development.

PWAs are basically a website with mobile app superpowers.

The benefits are clear – faster loading times, less data usage, an improved user experience, and ultimately more sales revenue.

Build progressive web apps on your own whether you’re a business or agency using one of our recommendations.

Learn about some of the best Progressive Web App builders available today.

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What are the Best Progressive Web App Builders?

Here are my top picks for the best progressive web app builders:

1. Super PWA

Best for:

Instantly converting a website into a PWA

SuperPWA is a WordPress plugin that instantly converts your website into a fully functional mobile app. There is no need to modify the code.

SuperPWA has more than 1.2 million downloads and 50,000 active installs. Not to mention, a 5-star rating.

Key Features:

  • Easy configuration
  • Responsive support
  • Active Development
  • Documentation
  • Clean code
  • Clean uninstall

Pro version

  • Share a call to action without ruining the user experience
  • Turns PWA into an Android app in 1 click, and then you can add it to Google Play Store
  • APP shortcuts increase productivity and engagement with the web app
  • Data Analytics gives visibility on how many visitors and installations

User Experience:


SuperPWA offers 6 pricing plans:

Personal: $99 per year
Multiple: $129 per year
Webmaster: $199 per year
Freelancer: $249 per year
Agency: $499 per year

Lifetime (10 years): $999 one-time

My Research on SuperPWA Reviews

The Good:

  • Converting an existing website to a PWA is super easy

The Bad:

  • Support could be better
  • No documentation for PRO

Start a free trial with SuperPWA today.

2. AppYourself

Best for:

All business and agency sizes.

AppYourself is a custom app builder that goes above and beyond with app marketing tools that competitors don’t have.

Key Features:

  • Create both a PWA and a native app to submit to an app store
  • Customer management and app platform
  • Marketing automation for welcome messages, customer activation for inactivity, abandoned carts, confirmations of questions, and more
  • Behavioral messaging can be triggered when someone has completed an activity or not on the app
  • LightCRM manage all users, and build customer relationships strategically
  • Push notifications
  • Chat messenger allows for chatting via push messages on smartphones that are fully GDPR-compliant.
  • Machine learning, web development, version control, testing management, mobile development, access control
  • Create inapp shops without using Shopify
  • Sales modules such as a shop, punch card, vouchers, online table booking, appointment booking, appointment requests, and loyalty cards
  • News modules such as Facebook, Twitter, Events, News Center
  • Content and media modules like gallery, PDF, video, sub menu, price list, catalogue, and digital menus
  • Content and interaction modules like location/contact, map, forms, business hours, doc scanner, branch finder, inapp browser, and feedback

User Experience:


AppYourself offers 4 pricing plans:

Smart $52.47 per month
Business: $73.88 per month
Business Plus: $180.95 per month
Enterprise: Speak with customer service about custom pricing

An additional setup fee of $159.54 is required for all plans.
The free trial requires no credit card.

My Research on AppYourself Reviews

The Good:

  • Versatile PWA/native app builder with powerful marketing tools
  • 30+ templates speed up app creation
  • Complete in 3 steps: add modules, choose app style, then publish

The Bad:

  • Customer service can be slow sometimes

Start using AppYourself today.

3. Softr

Best for:

Individuals, entrepreneurs, small-large businesses, and agencies

Softr is the easiest no-code platform to build powerful, responsive websites & web apps using Airtable and Google Sheets, in 10 minutes. Even a non-techie can build content directories, internal tools, client portals, CRM, and more!

Softr is used by 100,000 teams globally including Harvard, Google, Sorbonne University, Blinklist, Universal Music, and even the Swiss government.

Key Features:

  • With Softr’s PWA app builder feature, your web app is available to iOS and Android users. Without any additional design or resources, the apps will adapt and look great on every screen.
  • Softr AI includes a copywriting and photo generator (see video below)
  • Memberships easy user accounts, member-only content, and secure data
  • Payments accept payments in minutes, custom pricing models, PayPal, and native Stripe integration
  • SEO fast-loading mobile sites, custom tags, and optimized lists
  • Design global styles, fonts, and colors; configurable styles of any element; custom color/backgrounds; image, logo & favicons uploading, video embedding (YouTube, Vimeo)
  • 30+ dynamic list layouts including card, gallery, grid, table, video play card, and list table views
  • 100+ pre-built blocks
  • Custom form builder has fields/hidden fields, Airtable integration, Zapier/Integromat integration, unlimited file upload, custom HTML/CSS, forward to email, and Mailchimp/Mailerlite integration
  • Dynamic search, filtering, and sorting
  • Gated content using page and block-level visibility rules

User Experience:


Softr offers 5 pricing plans:

Free: $0
Basic: $59 per month ($588 per year)
Professional: $167 per month ($1,668 per year)
Business: $323 per month ($3,228 per year)
Enterprise: custom pricing

Purchase yearly and get 2 months free.
There’s also a discount for non-profits.

My research on Softr Reviews

The Good:

  • Fantastic help docs
  • Support is fast and knowledgable
  • Builder is similar to playing with legos
  • Slack community
  • Simple to update, make changes, and integrate with other software
  • Tons of customization options

The Bad:

  • Sometimes block functions and features are limited for advanced users
  • Aesthetics are somewhat limited for more artistic designers

Start using Softr today.

4. MakeOwn.App

Best for:

Businesses and entrepreneurs

MakeOwn.App is the quickest and easiest way to build and publish PWA and mobile apps.

Key Features:

  • Drag and drop app builder – start from scratch or with a template
  • Monetize content with a one-time charge or create tiered monthly plans to charge for using the app. Choose which content is free, and what must be paid for.
  • Ecommerce features such as Shopify integration
  • Scale app with growth
  • Build for all devices at the same time [PWA, Mobile, Tablet, iOS, Android]
  • Translate the app into any language
  • Dynamic push notifications increase audience engagement and retention. Target specific users, user segments, and group subscribers with activity-based and drip notifications.
  • One-click publishing to Apple App Store and Google Play Store
  • Login options include Single sign-on, 3rd party logins, and session expiration
  • Market app with Google Ads and Facebook Ads within the builder
  • Feature Marketplace has 150+ app plugins to boost site functionality
  • Built-in analytics software tracks downloads, plugin usage, registered users, return users, notification open rate/ctr, and what drives action
  • Integrate any analytics software such as Google Analytics or Amplitude
  • Create intro slides for a seamless onboarding experience

User Experience:


MakeOwn.App offers 3 pricing plans:

Growth: $144 per month ($1,440 per year)
Business: $294 per month ($2,940 per year)
Enterprise: $444 per month ($4,440 per year)

Free 30-day trial.
Pay yearly and get 2 months free.
Taxes not included.

My Research MakeOwn.App Reviews

The Good:

  • MakeOwn.app builds free apps for Animal Shelters and Pet Rescue Groups
  • Free app submission
  • Apps are hosted on Amazon AWS servers

The Bad:

  • Pricing could be more than some entrepreneurs just starting out are willing to spend

Start using MakeOwn.App free for 30 days.

5. Adalo

Best for:

Creatives, business owners, and founders

Adalo has all the tools you need to successfully design and develop web and mobile apps in record time without having coding skills.

Key Features:

  • Design app with custom fonts, colors, icons, logos, and more
  • Manage content with built-in, fully editable database-create relationships, filter with and/or logic, toggle visibility settings, or explore integrations
  • Publish on Apple App Store, Google Play, or web with files generated
  • Publish progressive web apps (PWAs)
  • Instantly push updates to a custom web domain
  • Understand user behavior with a built-in analytics dashboard that will provide insights on how to monetize, scale, and grow the app
  • Drag and drop intuitively speeds up web and mobile app creation
  • Integrates with Zapier, Make, HubSpot, Gmail, Google Maps, Stripe, Quickbooks, Zoom, Square, Google Sheets, AirTable, and MailChimp

User Experience:


Adalo offers 5 pricing plans:

Free: $0
Starter: $45 per month ($432 per year)
Professional: $65 per month ($624 per year)
Team: $200 per month ($1,920 per year)
Business: $250 per month ($2,400 per year)

Build for free, pay to publish.
Save 20% by paying yearly.

My Research on Adalo Reviews

The Good:

  • Excellent API integration for email management, scheduling tasks, etc.
  • It’s a safe, secure, and easy-to-use cloud-based PWA builder
  • Adalo reflects changes after publishing immediately
  • Pleasant drag and drop interface
  • Templates save time and are well designed

The Bad:

  • No live sessions
  • Could use more help docs on how to build specific types of apps
  • Advanced designs require coding skills

Try Adalo for free today.

Progressive Web App Guide for Publishers

Progressive Web App [PWA] FAQs

What is a progressive web App?

Progressive web apps (PWAs) are websites that have native app features. All that’s required to build progressive web apps is a service worker and a web app manifest for an existing website.

Will PWA replace native apps?

There’s a very high probability that PWAs will replace most native apps in the next 10 years. All of the major web browsers support the use of PWAs.

When should I use a pWA?

PWAs make a website faster, more reliable, and more engaging. Many large publishers have already implemented them such as Twitter, Medium, Forbes, Pinterest, and Spotify, which resulted in increased signups, logins, app engagement, app installs, and revenue.

Are PWAs good for SEO?

PWAs provide an enjoyable app-like experience that encourages people to stay on a website longer and become repeat visitors, both of which are important SEO ranking factors.

The advantages of using a PWA far outweigh the cons.

Final thoughts

Creating a progressive web app yourself will save you time and money on development costs. Even if you outsource the PWA creation, it’s still much less expensive than building a native app.

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