8 Best SEO Report Software [2023]

For website owners and online businesses, ranking well on search engines like Google is crucial.

However, monitoring your website’s SEO metrics can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not an expert.

This is where SEO report software comes in handy.

These tools provide an in-depth analysis of your website’s SEO performance and highlight areas that need improvement.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best SEO reporting software available and explain why it’s essential to invest in one for your business. So, let’s dive in and explore popular SEO reporting tools.

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What is the best SEO report software?

Here are my top picks for the best SEO reporting tools.

1. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a versatile and user-friendly SEO reporting software that caters to businesses of all sizes.

Whether you’re a large marketing agency or a small business owner, SE Ranking offers a comprehensive set of tools and highly accurate data to help you optimize your website’s performance.

With its scalable features and affordable pricing, SE Ranking is an excellent choice for individual SEO specialists and businesses looking to improve their online presence.

SE Ranking has more than 800,000 customers. Big brands such as Zapier, Mizuno, Bed Bath and Beyond, Trustpilot, Wargaming.net, Cars.com, Hunter Engineering Company, Tailor Brands, Yamaha, recruitee, and myNewsdesk all use it to rank higher in the search engines.

Key Features:

  • Keep clients in the loop with automated reporting
  • Create custom SEO reports from scratch
  • Choose ready-to-use report templates (# of templates is customizable)
  • The appearance of the reports can be designed how you like it
  • Manually download reports in .pdf, .xls, or .HTML formats
  • Send scheduled email reports to customers and team members
  • Share data from any keyword ranking report as a Data Studio [Looker Studio] dashboard
  • 100% accurate organic keyword rank tracking
  • Use keyword rank tracker
    – see how keyword rankings compare to the competition
    – identify keywords moving up and down the SERP
    – identify top keywords with keyword research tool
    – find pages on your site fighting for the same keyword
    – refine SEO strategy
  • Track keywords on every major search engine: Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and YouTube
  • In-depth website audit including performance issues
  • Backlink checking and monitoring
  • Integrates with Google Analytics to see overall website performance in one place
  • Plus, tools to manage your and your client’s rankings
    – Receive alerts on any page changes
    – Optimize your page for specific keywords
    – White label your SEO service based on the SE Ranking platform
    – Keyword research by Google Autocomplete
    – Marketing Plan with SEO checklist, website analysis, custom goals
    – Social media analytics and auto posting
  • Content editor assists with optimizing content structure, quality, and keywords based on top SERPs

User Experience:


SE Ranking offers 3 pricing plans:

Essential: $39 per month ($374.40 per year)
Pro: $89 per month ($854.40 per year)
Business: $189 per month ($1,814.40 per year)

Save 20% with the yearly plan.

My Research on SE Ranking Reviews

The Good:

  • Variety of reports and charts that are easy to understand, and customizable
  • Presents data clearly and concisely when reporting SEO activity to clients
  • Get down to the “nitty-gritty” of data in a visual way
  • Variety of data and ability to customize reports
  • Prioritize with keyword filters i.e. search volume, keyword difficulty, word count
  • Get detailed info needed to drive the right traffic for yourself or your clients
  • Very visual and everything needed to work SEO projects
  • SE Ranking produces attractive reports that are powerful and comprehensive
  • Connect Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Clean, responsive user interface
  • The best value all-in-one SEO tool on the market, especially for beginners
  • The interface is much more actionable than Ahrefs and Semrush
  • Easy to analyze and drill down marketing data
  • Awesome customer service
  • Generous credit system for using various tools
  • Wide range of features for digital marketing / SEO agencies
  • Excellent value for the money for such features and functionality
  • Most competitively priced full SEO software available, especially for small businesses on a budget

The Bad:

  • Could use some more design customization
  • Other competitors may have a larger keyword database and more indexed backlinks
  • Works best from a desktop device, the mobile app needs improvement still
  • Can’t monitor specific pages or posts, only the entire website
  • Great for monitoring keywords, but don’t expect to conduct adequate keyword research on this platform

Start a free trial with SE Ranking today.

2. Mangools

Mangools is a cool SEO toolkit that’s perfect for bloggers, affiliate marketers, SEO freelancers, small businesses, and SEO companies.

Major brands such as Airbnb, Adidas, RetailMeNot, Skyscanner, and Alexa are customers.

Key Features:

  • Find popular keywords, track your rankings vs competition, and analyze backlinks

  • KWFinder: research keywords on a national, regional, or city level — find many related words
  • SERPwatcher: quickly assess at-a-glance new SEO efforts and report to clients and co-workers
  • LinkMiner: offers valuable data and inspiration for link building and insight into competitor efforts
  • A huge database of over 50,000 locations, ensures your content is optimized for the right audience

  • Displays Google’s first-page ranking difficulty for each keyword
  • Track your website’s rank over time and share results with others
  • If you don’t want to use the website, there’s a handy browser extension for Chrome and Firefox

  • No need to be an expert to understand all the data and features instantly

User Experience:


Mangools offers 3 pricing plans:

Basic: $49 per month ($358.80 per year)
Premium: $69 per month ($538.80 per year)
Agency: $129 per month ($1,078.80 per year)

Save 35% with the yearly subscription plan.

My Research on Mangools Reviews

The Good:

  • Most underrated SEO tool ever
  • Excellent functionality for what these tools do
  • Affordable SEO tool / Best value for money out of any tool
  • The UI/UX is intuitive to use when researching a new niche
  • People love it because the interface looks good and is easy to navigate
  • One of the best keyword research tools on the market
  • Most “big” SEO software doesn’t provide too many related keywords. With Mangools, you can get “a goldmine” of relevant long-tail keywords, including questions
  • Go-to software whenever doing SEO analysis, on-page SEO, and link building for local, regional, and national websites
  • Multiple tools in one software from keyword research to content analysis
  • Cool feature: enter a domain and see the SEO-ranked keywords and the paid SEM keywords used 

The Bad:

  • The daily 100 search term limit can quickly diminish especially when comparing local, regional, and national search volume
  • Could have a bit more paid search info
  • Mangools doesn’t have the resources to run a massive search database, so the quality of ranking data isn’t that great – for competitor analysis you may have to use another tool
  • Sometimes the keywords suggestions provide very irrelevant keywords
  • No Google Data Studio (Looker Studio) integration
  • Can’t import keyword data rankings into another tool
  • The backlink monitoring tool is not adequate enough for deep analysis

Start using Mangools today.

3. Serpstat

Best for:

Intermediate-level SEO professionals — SEO specialists, PPC specialists, content managers, digital marketers

Serpstat is a jam-packed all-in-one SEO platform with 50+ SEO tools making it one of the best ways for companies and agencies to manage online visibility, and boost positions in the search rankings. It’s a growth hacking tool for SEO, PPC, marketing, content marketing, domain and keyword analysis.

Famous brands such as Lenovo, L’Oreal, Shopify, Deloitte, eset, Samsung, Uber, and Rakuten Viber use their SEO reporting software.

Key Features:

Find the right data you need with over 7 billion keywords, 1 trillion links in the SERP index, 4.7 billion keyword suggestions, and 230 regions for Google search results

Competitor Analysis
  • Find SEO and PPC competitors
  • Discover the most popular pages that attract traffic
  • Add the best competitor keywords to your SEO and PPC strategy
  • Compare domain visibility and traffic
Local SEO
  • Access all listing directories in your business location(s)
  • Complete your profile for all listings in one place
  • Automatic content posting
  • Manage reviews, get the average review rate, and find out which reviews need urgent replies
White-label Reports
  • Automatically reports on changes and results
  • Read or edit mode access restriction
  • Disable the Serpstat logo on the graphs/upload and display your logos
Keyword Trend Analysis
  • Get a list of the most popular searches for the selected region
  • Trend report updates throughout the day
  • Make a content plan based on popular keywords
  • Improve page positions
  • Name your articles or videos with keywords, and embed them on a blog or news post
PPC Analysis
  •  Check product groups that competitors promote using PPC
  •  Analyze trending landing pages
  •  Find out cost per click and keyword competition indicators
  •  Group the most relevant keywords and ads
  •  Explore ad examples of competitors
Keyword Clustering
  • Upgrade ad results via PPC keyword grouping
  • Analyze text with on-page recommendations
  • Group keywords by site pages
New! AI Content Generation
  • Generate meta tags, articles, FAQ sections, paraphrase text, check grammar and spelling, export text from YouTube videos, and more

User Experience:


Serpstat offers 3 pricing plans:

Lite: $69 per month [$660 per year]
Standard: $149 per month [$1,428 per year]
Advanced: $299 per month [$2,868 per year]
Enterprise: $499 per month [$5988 per year]

Save 20% on yearly plans!

My Research on Serpstat reviews

The Good:

  • Complete SEO tool for keyword analysis, competitors, and backlink analysis
  • An extensive SEO research tool
  • Feedback on website health is great
  • Reveal blackhat SEO methods and wasted efforts for page 1 keyword rankings
  • Serpstat is a multi-purpose SEO tool that makes it easy to get everyday SEO tasks done for clients
  • The product is always evolving from client feedback and requests
  • Keyword research functionality is super fast and outputs a ton of keywords
  • The technical audit provides troubleshooting SEO insights
  • “Questions” is a great way to see what others are asking, along with Google’s “people also ask”
  • Most amazing full SEO suite on the market for marketing professionals and agencies

The Bad:

  • Setup of Serpstat can feel overwhelming at first [but the tools and capabilities are amazing]
  • Lacks content analysis features
  • Problems with backlinks API – it’s not as flexible as the Serpstat app i.e. between the API and Google Sheets
  • The keyword research module needs improvement

Start using Serpstat today.

4. Nightwatch

Best for:

Dominating your industry in the search engines, especially for localized businesses

Nightwatch is a premier SEO reporting tool that can track search rankings from any place on earth down to a zip code.

Key Features:

  • Extremely customizable reports based on what you want to show each client separately
  • Build gorgeous, easy-to-interpret white-labeled reports using a drag-and-drop interface in minutes
  • Save even more time by automating how and when reports are delivered to your team or clients
  • Deliver audit reports to your dev team
  • Justify bigger budgets and set expectations by showing clients their growth potential from one comprehensive report
Rank Tracker
  • Most rank trackers just use the random Google Data Center they’re assigned. Nightwatch lets you access any Google Data Center on the planet
  • Find all the opportunities to expand SERP search visibility
  • Automated reporting with the ability to pull in data from Google Analytics, and Search Console, then make changes to grow visibility and sales
  • Accurately track rankings across multiple search engines i.e. Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Google
  • Discover new keywords by entering a URL, then organize by segment and create a strategy to boost your campaign
Site Audit
  • Quickly monitor and optimize the on-page SEO performance
  • Segment audit by URLs to prioritize where to optimize first
  • Instantly identify broken pages, missing tags, broken links, and more
  • Set up automated crawling so you can keep track of new and recurring issues over time

User Experience:


Nightwatch offers a monthly and annual pricing plan based on the number of keywords:

250 keywords: Starting at $39 per month ($468 per year)
10,000 keywords: $699 per month ($8,388 per year)

250 keywords: Starting at $32 per month ($384 per year)
10,000 keywords: $559 per month ($6,708 per year)

Save with the yearly subscription plan.

My Research on Nightwatch Reviews

The Good:

  • An amazing all-round SEO and client management tool
  • Nightwatch is worth every penny
  • It gets the job done, every day, every time
  • It’s super reliable
  • The dark theme is awesome
  • The dashboard has a grid of graphs showing the status of all your websites
  • Send detailed reports automatically to clients at any time frequency
  • Daily keyword reports by email
  • Some competitor tools that are 1/5 the price aren’t as flexible with client reporting and their rank trackers are not as accurate
  • Paying more for the right tools keeps clients happy and gives an agency more value

The Bad:

  • Its price can be a turn-off for some people but it’s extremely valuable, especially for agencies
  • Not immediately obvious how to connect Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Can’t filter to only organic traffic
  • Add the same keywords repeatedly for each zip code

Start using Nightwatch

5. Databox

Best for:

Mid to large-sized Businesses

Databox is a business analytics platform that helps companies keep an eye on and improve important metrics. With various reporting features, it enables businesses to align their teams with the right goals, automate reporting, track performance, and stay ahead of trends for future growth.

Key Features:

  • Easily build dashboards using a drag-and-drop interface
  • Include short test notices into charts for interpreting KPIs better and informing users of their impact
  • Monitor data for a specific time period by selecting a start and end date
  • Group several dashboards together in order to tell a more comprehensive story with data
  • Gain access to 250+ pre-build dashboard templates that track the most common metrics and KPIs for each use case
  • Easily share dashboards through a sharable link by embedding a dashboard into a website or streaming it to an office TV
  • Schedule updated reports to be sent to the team or clients (every day, week, month, or quarter)
  • Create a custom report with deck-style slides
  • Add metrics, pre-built dashboards, images, and text to provide more context to the data
  • Easily connect data through 70+ one-click integrations

User Experience:


Databox offers 4 pricing plans:

Free forever plan (limited to 3 data source connections)
Starter: beings at $91 per month ($864 per year)
Professional: begins at $169 per month ($1,620 per year)
Performer: begins at $289 per month ($2,772 per year)

Save 20% by paying yearly.

My Research on Databox Reviews

The Good:

  • Excellent reporting for a busy marketing agency
  • Get basic marketing reports in a modern style
  • Continually adding functionality to the reports and benchmarks
  • You don’t need to be a data expert, it’s very intuitive
  • Easily share dashboards via the cloud
  • Great data visualization tool
  • The platform is absolutely incredible
  • Its flexibility is the most interesting thing about it
  • Databox provides real-time updated info from every data source to stakeholders
  • Build live, interactive dashboards
  • Many premade reports, but they also can build reports for you

The Bad:

  • Configurability of the data board layout could be more customizable (small criticism)
  • Limited to 3 data panels in the free-trial
  • No current API for WIX
  • Sometimes some formulas don’t work universally. i.e Timesheet doesn’t calculate in hours or minutes we need to convert it into seconds after we have to make it to hours and minutes
  • Databox lacks the customization and controls you get with other data visualization platforms
  • Difficult to do custom data mapping

Try Databox for free today.

6. WebCEO

Best for:

Full SEO data on competitors for newbies to SEO agencies

WebCEO is the ultimate online marketing platform that offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help businesses of all sizes improve their online presence. With 23 powerful tools, WebCEO provides everything you need to optimize your website, track your rankings, analyze your competitors, and manage your social media and paid search campaigns. Whether you’re a small business owner or a digital marketing agency, WebCEO has the tools you need to succeed.

Key Features:

  • With WebCEO’s white-label capabilities, digital agencies can create reports and give them a professional appearance, providing them with greater flexibility
  • SEO tools for agencies
  • SEO lead generation tools – Rather than spending thousands of dollars on acquiring SEO leads that are not relevant to your target audience through organic, referral, or paid traffic, you can now focus on generating a greater number of high-quality SEO clients through your SEO platform.
  • Pitch SEO services with express SEO audits
  • Rank Tracking
  • Keyword Research
  • Site Audit
  • SEO Content Assistant
  • Internal Links
  • Backlink checker
  • Toxic Link Checker
  • Competitor Backlink Spy
  • Content Submission
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Social Analytics
  • Competitor Metrics
  • Quick Domain Analysis
  • Extras: Multi-lingual interface, email alerts, DIY SEO checklist, Google Data Studio connector, and 3rd party SEO data

User Experience:


WebCEO offers 4 pricing plans:

Tools for SEO Newbies

Every 3 months: $111 [$37 per month]
1 year: $396

Professional Level SEO Platform

Startup $99 per month [$996 per year]
Agency Unlimited $99 per month [$996 per year] + scanning fees
Corporate $299 per month [$3,588 per year]

My Research on WebCEO Reviews

The Good:

  • Offers a comprehensive SEO strategy
  • Accurate data
  • Leverages all the best components from all the major SEO reporting platforms
  • Hands down the best SEO platform
  • People have been loyal to this SEO software for many years

The Bad:

  • The user interface is a bit clunky, and “feels old”
  • Limited keyword research capabilities
  • Could allow data to be pulled for certain date ranges or custom dates
  • Needs more details for paid ads such
  • Can get expensive with a lot of clients if scanning the rankings frequently (100x)

Try WebCEO for free today.

7. DashThis

Best for:

Multiple Types of Sales and Marketing Reports

DashThis is a reporting tool that helps businesses automate their reporting process. With a user-friendly interface and customizable dashboards, DashThis allows you to easily track your KPIs and metrics in one place. Whether you’re a marketer, agency, or business owner, DashThis can help you save time and focus on what really matters – growing your business. 

It’s a complete solution for all of your PPC, SEM, Ecommerce, Google Analytics, Facebook, Marketing, SEO, social media, and Google My Business reporting needs.

DashThis is known for working with business types such as marketing agencies, marketing teams, small businesses, non-profits, franchises, automotive, hospitality, and health care.

DashThis is used in 122+ countries with over 18,000 users. Some of the major clients using their agency reporting software include Dentsu, iProspect, Dagmar, WPromote, Travel Tripper, Jelly, KTM, DDB, and Dealer Solutions

Key Features:

  • DashThis automatically gathers your data from all your tools so that you can compare and combine data from different sources into a single dashboard, empowering you to see the results of ALL your work, not just one piece at a time.
  • Simple analytics dashboard tool can save hours of work by streamlining your reporting
  • Automated reports
  • Customize dashboards with your brand logo and colors
  • Preset dashboard templates enable you to create dozens of reports in just minutes
  • Report templates include: SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing, sales, and more
DashThis Integrations

TikTok Ads, Klaviyo, Hubspot, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Insights, Facebook Ads, Facebook Business Manager, Instagram, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn pages, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter, YouTube, Google Search Console, Google My Business, SEMrush, MOZ, Ahrefs, Bing Ads (Microsoft Advertising), Mailchimp, CallRail, Campaign Manager (Doubleclick), Search Ads 360 (Doubleclick), Adform, Keymetric, Campaign Monitor, Perfect Audience, Marchex, Formstack, WebCEO, Brightcave, ClickMeter, Google Sheets and Keyword.com

User Experience:


DashThis offers 4 pricing plans:

Individual: $39 per month ($396 per year)
Professional: $129 per month ($1,308 per year)
Business: $249 per month ($2,508 per year)
Standard: $399 per month ($4068 per year)

Get 10 dashboards for free for 15 days!

My Research on DashThis Reviews

The Good:

  • A marketing agency said “We’ve researched 15+ dashboard reporting tools and DashThis was by far the most comprehensive, visually pleasing, easy to use, and customizable tool out there”
  • Sends videos on “how to” exactly do something
  • This is no ordinary report tool
  • Create a report in a very short time and share it via link
  • All tools can be integrated into one place; create multiple reports from custom or blank templates
  • Incredible customer support

The Bad:

  • Sometimes the numbers weren’t consistent with the official platforms
  • Can’t easily change data sources without submitting a contact form
  • Slight lack of customization and report design options

Try DashThis for free today.

8. Octoboard

Best for:

Marketing agencies

Octoboard is a powerful reporting platform that helps marketing agencies save time and win clients by automating the reporting process.

With Octoboard, you can easily create custom reports and white label client portals that showcase your agency’s expertise and value.

Octoboard integrates with over 50 marketing platforms, including SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing, and web analytics, so you can easily track and analyze your clients’ performance across all channels. 

Key Features:

  • Automated reports for marketing templates
  • Cross-channel SEO and PPC reports
  • Business data dashboards
  • Keyword analytics
  • SEO audit tool
  • Google Sheets add-on
  • Ecommerce suite includes: multi-store analytics, Stripe analytics, WooCommerce analytics, and Google Data Sutdio export
Octoboard Integrations

Google Analytics, YouTube, Twitter, Stripe, Constant Contact, SendGrid, WordPress.com, Google News, Alexa, Microsoft Ads, CallRail, Hubspot CRM, Zapier real-time, Ecommerce Suite, Yext, SEO Audit, Zendesk Chat, MySQL, SQL Server, Shopify, Google Big Query, VK – Deprecated, IG – Deprecated, TikTok Ads, Intercom, Oracle, Postgre SQL, WooCommerce, Real-time Web Traffic, Zendesk, Instagram, ChartMogul, LiveChat, LinkedIn Ads, Google Sheets, RSS feed, WordPress.org, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse, MailChimp, Yandex Metrica, LinkedIn Pages, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Facebook, Salesforce, Active Campaign, AWeber, Survey Monkey, Twitter Search, Moz, Google Search Console, WhatConverts, Hubspot, Google Analytics 4, AdRoll, Freshdesk, Google My Business, SEMrush, SEO rank tracker, Redshift, Yelp, BrightLocal, and Criteo

User Experience:


Octoboard offers 3 pricing plans:

For Marketing Agencies

Freelancer $38.39 per month ($329.04 per year)
Team $76.79 per month ($658.08 per year)
Agency $115.18 per month ($987.24 per year)

For Businesses

Starter $19.75 per month ($197.52 per year)
Growth $32.91 per month ($329.04 per year)
Teams $52.66 per month ($513.36 per year)

Save 30% on all yearly plans.

My Research on Octoboard Reviews

The Good:

  • Cheap, easy to use, white label reports
  • Unlimited widgets, and change how the graphs appear
  • Ability to integrate with Google Sheets, Google Ads, Adroll, and Google Analytics is a perk
  • Add unlimited team members in the free tier
  • Integrate all metrics to see a complete picture from one dashboard
  • User experience is brilliant
  • Very easy to setup and monitor data
  • Monthly feature updates
  • Better connections and templates

The Bad:

  • YouTube content is minimal and about 5 years old
  • Not many reviews available compared to other SEO report software
  • Adroll always shows “authorization expired”
  • Can’t change to own theme
  • CTR is always based on when the campaign started up to date
  • Upgraded to paid plan, and the platform might crash
  • Support team isn’t great compared to competitors
  • Customization of compare reports could be better
  • Scaling can be expensive if you have a lot of users or connections

Try Octoboard for free today.

Best AI SEO Software Reviews

SEO Report Software FAQs

What SEO Report Tools Do You Use?

My SEO Reporting Stack:

  • Ahrefs
  • Surfer SEO
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics 4
  • Ubersuggest
  • Google Trends

How do i create an sEO progress report?

To create an SEO progress report, you need to:

  1. Set clear goals for what you want to achieve.
  2. Gather and analyze data on your website’s performance.
  3. Identify areas where your SEO strategy needs improvement.
  4. Develop an action plan to address these areas.
  5. Compile your findings and action plan into a report.
  6. Share your report with stakeholders and communicate your findings clearly.

What are KPIs for SEO reports?

When it comes to measuring the success of your SEO strategy, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are essential. These metrics provide specific data points that show how well your website is performing in search engine rankings and attracting organic traffic.

Some common KPIs for SEO reports include organic traffic, keyword rankings, click-through rates (CTR), bounce rate, and conversion rate. By tracking these KPIs, you can identify areas where you need to improve your website’s visibility and user engagement, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your SEO efforts.

How do I check SEO performance?

Measuring the success of your SEO efforts is crucial to ensuring that your website is performing optimally.

There are several key metrics that you should track to determine your SEO performance, including impressions, traffic from organic searches, the number of pages ranking, the number of backlinks, referrals from other websites, domain and page authority, brand mentions, and conversions.

By regularly monitoring these metrics, you can identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to enhance your website’s visibility and performance.

How to calculate rOI for SEO?

Calculating the ROI for SEO involves determining the return on investment from the efforts put into search engine optimization.

To calculate this, you need to compare the cost of your SEO campaigns to the organic revenue generated by them.

If the revenue generated is higher than the cost, then your site has a positive return on investment.

Final thoughts

The success of your online business can be greatly impacted by the SEO report software you choose. With so many options available, it’s important to consider factors such as user-friendliness, customization options, and the ability to generate comprehensive reports.

By selecting the best SEO reporting tool, you can streamline your SEO efforts and make data-driven decisions to improve your website’s visibility and ranking.

Don’t wait any longer to invest in the right SEO reporting tool – take action now and start seeing results! Choose the top SEO report software for your needs and optimize your website today.

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